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Book review on Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Hello Book Lovers! How was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat a lot of food and also ingest books that day/ I know that I read a lot on Thanksgiving? How about you?
Also since it's the last day of the month... How are your TBR piles looking like?
 Anyways here's my review of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer! Have you read The Lunar Chronicles series? If not then I totally recommend it!

Scarlet Benoit is an older teenager who lives on her farm and sells crops for a living. Her entire time is consumed by making local deliveries on the outskirts of France. Being around nature and on her farm, while also spending time with her grandmother is the most enjoyable thing she loves.
All until her life gets ripped up from underneath her and her grandmother disappears out of thin air.
Struggling to take care of the farm, Scarlet can't take it anymore and she decides to seek for her grandmother.
Then she meets this mysterious young man named Wolf.Getting his nickname from fighting for a living. Wolf is rough, but he's also caring and shy at the same time.
When their lives meet up Scarlet learns more about Wolf that she didn't think was possible. As does Wolf.
Learning Wolf is apart of a secret French gang. The particular French gang that took her grandmother and her dad. Wolf agrees to help Scarlet seek for her grandma. Knowing that what they are both doing is basically a death sentence they still go through with it .

Cinder on the other hand doesn't want her country to die at Queen Levanna's hand. And she especially doesn't want to either.
Escaping from the palace's prison Cinder runs into young man named Throne. Captain Thorne...
Coming accustomed to her new Lunar powers Cinder manipulates other people to escape from Levanna's grasp.
Emperor Kai seeks for Cinder knowing that Queen Levanna will have everyone's heads if he doesn't.Making himself forget about the feelings that he once had for Cinder, Kai send special forces to capture Cinder and bring her back to Levanna.
Can he truly succeed in doing so?
Finding out that Scarlets grandmother may know more about Cinder's Lunar powers. Cinder,Iko, and Throne search for Scarlets grandmother, but instead they find the completely opposite.

In book one of the Lunar Chronicles series, we follow the main character Cinder and how she lives her daily life basically being a servant for her mother and sister.
In the first book of the series I want to say that Cinder's personality is quite timid and shy. But in the second book of the Lunar Chronicles Cinder is tough and brave. She's changed so much in just one book! Coming to realize that she isn't who she really thought she was, Cinder starts to accept who she really is!
The second book in the series we see the perspective of Scarlet. Her character is already so strong and sure of herself. But when her life crumples she soon becomes sad, determined, and stronger than she was before.
Never expecting to be stopped so short in her tracks. She is. And she's stopped by a really good-looking fighter named Wolf. Retaining herself back, she's not too sure if she should trust him and fall for him. But when she does... he becomes the wolf that always hurts the girl.
Emperor Kai, doesn't know how to rule the country. So naive and young, he tries his best to stay away from something sinister. His main goal is for Earth to have peace. But when Queen Levanna from the moon threatens to cause war between Lunar and and Earth. He ends up cowering down to Levanna. Knowing that she wants Cinder. Levanna makes a deal with Kai. If Kai finds Cinder then she will hold off on calling a war. But when Kai has no success in finding Cinder. He only has one choice left.

I looovvveeedd Scarlet so much! Cinder was just a kick starter to the Lunar Chronicles seres! Scarlet has a huge amount of suspense that makes you want to read the next two books in the series in one night!! Omg and the romance was so so so amazing!!! The pacing was so nice! It felt that Marissa Meyer was talking you though the story at a nice,easy, and peaceful pace! I loved all of the characters! Especially Wolf. I loved how he helped Scarlet. The way he betrayed her was horrible and heart crunching. But he still stays true to her in the end!
I'm so hyped about what will happen next with Cinder, Kai, and Queen Levanna..
After all Princess Selene ( Who is Cinder) does have the right to become Empress....

I hope you all enjoyed my review of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. Second book in The Lunar Chronicles series! Question... What are you reading for the month of December?
My wrap up and TBR should be up shortly!
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Best wishes and much love,
 Jade Crow

Friday, November 27, 2015

Blog Tour of The Awakened by Sara Elizabeth Santana

I just wanted to inform you all on this amazing opportunity that occurred. Sara Elizabeth Santana author of the novel "The Awakened" will be hosting a blog tour from November 26th to December 9th. I'm going to be apart of the blog tour and I am scheduled for December 8th. This is my first ever blog tour and to be honest I don't know how the whole routine of a blog tour works or what the heck I'm doing but, I know that I'm going to have a ton of fun no matter what!

Also when you preorder "The Awakened" on your kindle you receive a free signed book mark by Sara Elizabeth Santana!! So if I was you I would go do that soon! Just remember that when you preorder for the kindle you need to email Sara and tell her you did so or you won't get awesome bookmark swag!
To preorder The Awakened please click here.

To learn more about Sara Elizabeth Santana please click here

Also there's a giveaway going on!!! You could win a free signed copy of The Awakened!! And second prize winners get a free e-copy and a free bookmark! The giveaway ends December 12t.Please click here to enter now! 

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Review of Reign Of Shadows by Melissa Wright

Hey book lovers! How have you all been?
I just finished my book review of the third book in The Descendants series by Melissa Wright.
I adore and love The Descendants series so much! So here's my review of Reign of Shadows and the entire series!

In Reign Of Shadows we learn more dark things about Brianna Drake's world.
Aren,Emily,Brianna,and Logan finally feel that they're all safe from the wrath of Morgan, now that he's captivated,and has not powers.

So Brianna goes on with her life with Logan believing that the prophecy is fulfilled.

All until she starts to get the horrible dreams and visions that are about the prophecy.
Learning that they are in grave danger, Brianna sets out trying to depicter how the prophecy and their lives will all end.
One thing that she doesn't know is that both her and her sister aren't what they thought they were. They're Shadows. The most powerful beings of their magical prophecy. Soon finding out that everything that they've all believed in is a lie and that there'd more work to do. Brianna. Logan, Aren, Emily, and several of their friends/ guards all try and adapt to their newly found powers.

Preparing for the big battle with the ancient Shadows. Brianna gets visions sent to her of what's about to come, although when she receives most of her visions most of the don't  feel right. They don't feel clear. Her visions feel controlled.
Being tricked,fed lies,and getting hurt Brianna is tired of being manipulated. All she wants is for the prophecy to be over and done with.
But she knows it's not that easy. Will she be able to see the future far enough to fulfill the prophecy?

Reign Of Shadows was such a great ending to The Descendants series! All of the characters were beautifully done! Although I have to say that Aren is my favorite!!  The overall idea of the story was unique. The first book in The Descendants series (Bound By Prophecy) was a great kick starter to the series. At first it was quite confusing and a little slow. But from adding those aspects to it, it felt like you were thrown into the series,working out the prophecy with the characters. In Bound By Prophecy we learn more about Aren and Emily with how their relationship intertwines. As well as the prophecy and the overall storyline. We also read from Aren's perspective. With little flares of Emily's perspective. The second book in The Descendants series (Shifting Fate) is just when things truly start to unfold. And when the suspense is a rollercoaster that never ends!! The perspective we read about in Shifting Fate is from Brianna and a little bit of Logan.

 What I thought was quite cool, is that Melissa Wright changed the perspective that you were reading about for every book in The Descendants series.
I have to say that many of the series I read that have perspective changes are not good at all.
Melissa Wright on the other hand executes the perspective changes so well to the point of making The Descendants series  AMAZING!!
Book three in The Descendants series (Reign Of Shadows) draws the conclusion of the entire series in. I honestly felt that with everything that happened in book three, that there could've been maybe another book. It just seemed like so much happened in so little time. Which made it really suspenseful. But it still felt like the story could've drawn out just a little more. Other than that... I can't choose my favorite book in the series! They were all too good! I also really liked that in book three we get to read the perspectives from the sideline characters too! I really loved the ending of Reign Of Shadows! It was a great happy ending. But it felt like  there's a hint of maybe something more. Like the prophecy and story could continue to go on. All I know is that I'm happy either way! I 100% recommend this series! It's on the top of my list for rereading!

I hope you all enjoyed the review! Have you book lovers read this series yet?
You can purchase the first book in the Descendants series Bound by Prophecy here.

Also I'm not sure if the font is hard to read. So to read an easier format of my review please click on the Goodreads link here.

To contact the lovely and beautiful Melissa Wright please click here.

Note to Melissa: Thank you so much for being amazing and for letting me review your books!
Much love, Jade

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Review of Soothsayer by Allison Sipe 1st book in the Soothsayer series

Hey Book Lovers! How are you this fine day? To be honest I've been stressed because I'm in the process of moving and I haven't even started moving things yet.
So.. I wish that I could just everything on pause so I read, drink tea, and be on here more often.
I just finished my review of Soothsayer by Allison Sipe!! I love Soothsayer so much!!
So here is my review! I hope you all enjoy!

Living her life in Pismo Beach, Violet Evans is used to capturing magic on her camera. As a photographer she has a busy life taking photos of all different occasions. With a little help of her best friend/assistant named  Becky.

One day her and Becky spend some time together catching up on live while having coffee and going to their favorite local bookstore. Knowing that she has a big wedding occasion that day, Violet makes her stop at the bookstore quick all until a hot guy basically pops up out of nowhere and is a little too friendly as a stranger.

Brushing off her encounter at the bookstore, Violet gets herself and her camera equipment ready for the Maxwells wedding.
While taking photos of the beautiful outdone scenery she stumbles upon the too friendly,hot, mystery man named Robert. Violet can't pinpoint it but she feels tat something is different with Robert. She  just doesn't know yet.

Spending a full day at a wedding taking photos of the lovely bride and groom, Violet starts to pack up. When all of a sudden a near death experience happens to Violet.
That's when Robert comes into the picture.

Soon finding out that she isn't normal Violet goes into a state of shock because she's been kept in the dark. A whole family called the Patridge's are all magically trained people set out to kill her because she's The Waker..

Learning more about there history and magic Violet cannot accept that she is powerful and destined to do great things. But how can she when she's been living a lie and she can't even call upon magic?

Robert and Violet spend more time together now that Robert is her protector. Starting to fall for him Violet pushes their relationship back further, not wanting her heart to hurt anymore than it already has. But with nowhere left to run the only place she feels safe is in Roberts arms.

Gosh!!! I cannot put  words into how much I enjoyed Soothsayer!!! At the beginning of the novel theres a prologue set in the 1700's that draws you into the book so far to the point you have to keep reading to find out what happens next!
I felt that the story overall as very great! Many of the aspects that I enjoyed were the descriptive parts of Soothsayer. Allison Sipe has a talent of making the scenery in the novel feel like it's actually surrounding you. I've never read a fantasy novel that ties into the King Arthur time period. And I really liked that because it has some old myths and history from the 1700's.
I felt that the plot was well done it had a lot of suspense and rollercoasters! Although throughout Soothsayer I found that the story could be very predictable at times..

The characters were also very well done. Since Soothsayer is read from Violets perspective we learn more about her life rather than Robert's.
Violet's character is very independent,responsible, caring, and sensitive.The humor that Violet has is contagious and those little treats thoughtout the book kept it lighthearted when though there was a lot dark things happening to Violet.
Towards the end of the novel, Violet's character becomes wiser and stronger while accepting that she power.
I don't have much to say about Robert since we don't learn much about him in Soothsayer, other than that he's super caring,powerful/strong, and that he will do anything he can to protect Violet.

Their romance throughout the novel is so cute!!! I love the hesitation that Violet has about having a relationship with Robert. And I really liked that the progression in their intimate relationship is continuing to prolong itself. Just because many of the novels I've read that contain romance seem to rush when it comes to an intimate relationship.
The tension of wanting to be with one another had me on the tips of my toes because I kept anticipating what would happen next between Robert and Violet.

I'm super intersted to find out more about the special powers that the characters have.
I feel that Allison Sipe did a great job wither characters in Soothsayer as well as the overall writing and story.

All in all Soothsayer was one of the best books I've read that also tied into ancient myths and magic from the King Arthur period. The writing style and setting of the novel was so addicting!
If you want some magic,suspense, romance,with dark elements and a twist of myths you are most defiantly going to fall in love with Soothsayer!

To contact and learn more about the lovely and beautiful Allison Sipe please click here.

I also posted my review on Goodreads 
and Amazon.

Thank you for everything Allison! Violet has inspired me to use my camera more often!

I hope you all enjoyed the review!
Best wishes and much magical love,
Jade Crow

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cover Reveal of Mystical by Michael Weekly

Hello! I have some amazing new to tell you all! Michael Weekly author of the Mystical series is releasing his first book in the series called Mystical December 8th 2015!! It's just around the corner! I'm lucky enough to be apart of his street team, so I got the chance to do the cover reveal of Mystical!
So here it is........

I'm  loving the cover of it soooo so much!! It's amazing to no ends!!
What do you guys think about it? I hope you all are excited about reading Michael's first book Mystical!

To contact and learn more about Michael Weekly please click here to view his Facebook page.

Interview with Leah Ward author of the Searching For Darkness series!

So happy I got the chance to do an interview with the beautiful Leah Ward author of the Searching For Darkness series! I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did! It was a whole bunch of fun!

 1  * What inspired you to start writing middle grade/YA novels?

I started writing poetry first, in high school. After I had my poems published and won a few contests, I decided I wanted to try writing a full on novel. So I came up with the idea for Searching for Darkness and began writing! I had so much fun writing it that I knew this would be my genre.

 2* Have you ever had writers block before? If so how did you cure your writers block?

Yes! I have writers block quite frequently. But, I always find myself re-inspired after a long drive in the car or a shower!

  3* How did you get the idea for writing Searching For Darkness

I knew I wanted to write fantasy and I knew I wanted to write middle grade. I began thinking of the stories I like to read and what would interest me. My favorite books and movies are full of adventure, plot twists and suspense. So I made sure my book had all of those elements! Then I just created a general idea and began writing and editing!

  4* If you could have a power from Searching For Darkness what would you choose?

If I could have one power it would probably be Edwin’s ability to talk to certain creatures like dragons. How cool would that be to have a conversation with a dragon?

 5* Do you have any characteristics in common with Edwin and Lena, the main characters in Searching For Darkness?

Edwin and Lena are different in many aspects except in the fact that they are determined. They go on this impossible quest and stick together throughout the entire thing. I would say that I am determined as well. I want my books to be successful and I do everything I can to push my books into the place I want them to be.

 6* What does your writing process consist of?

My writing process is very different than the traditional style I would say. First I daydream of the idea of my book, creating dialogue and scenarios in my head before I ever pick up a pen. Then I jot notes, ideas, characters, and plot. After I have a good idea I just start writing and see where the story goes. I don’t have a certain guideline, or plan to follow, I just write. Then I edit the entire story after it’s done.

7* Is there a fantasy world you could see yourself living in? If so what is it?

 Weirdly enough I feel like I could live in the Walking Dead. Side by side with Michonne and Rick! I’m always riding by barns, prisons or farms thinking “This would be great to live in if we were in The Walking Dead!” 

 8* While running marathons do you think about the story your currently writing?

 I haven’t quite gotten to running marathons but I do run in a lot of other road races. Normally I’m thinking “How much left do I have!?” And, not thinking about the story. However the past few runs I have went on, I have been thinking about Edwin and Lena and what’s going to happen to them in the third story. It’s definitely going to be the most intense part of this trilogy.

  9* Who are some of your favorite authors? Which authors have inspired you to write Searching For Darkness?

My favorite authors include Dav Pilkey who wrote “Captain Underpants” and Jeff Kinney who wrote “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” I love middle grade books full of sarcasm and both of these authors know how to deliver. Other authors I enjoy are John Green, Veronica Roth and J.K Rowling!

10*What does your writing space look like? 

 My writing space is no space in particular. Sometimes I write in my room laying on the floor. Sometimes I’m at the kitchen table, and sometimes I go to the library just to focus. Anywhere I write, however, has to be completely silent.

 11*How did you go about choosing your cover art for Searching For Darkness and the sequel Chasing The Darkness?

The cover art was one of my favorite parts. I hired a graphic designer who I had researched. I really liked his work! Anyway I knew I wanted dragons, and I knew I wanted the kids to be riding on the back of the dragon. Imagine a kid seeing that book cover and immediately thinking “How cool, I want to do that!” That’s what I was aiming for!

12* What can you tell us about the sequel to Searching For Darkness, Chasing The Darkness?

Chasing the Darkness is the informative sequel. You learn more backstory and more about the world they live in and why it is that way. The first book is very action packed, leading you on this adventure without telling you much of ‘why’ or ‘how.’ But, the second book answers many of those questions!

13* Do you have any last words you like to say to your fans?

 I will always be thankful for those who read my books! I love reading reviews and hearing people talk about the story and what they think will happen next. I love having fans/readers and am grateful for them all!

To learn more about Leah Ward please click here.
I had so much fun doing this interview! Thank you so much Leah! 

To purchase Searching for Darkness on Amazon please click here.

I hope you all enjoyed the interview with Leah Ward!

Best wishes and much love, Jade Crow 

Review of book two in The Descendants series "Shifting Fate"

Hello Book Lovers! How are you this fine day! I just uploaded my review of Shifting Fate by Melissa Wright on Goodreads. So to view the review in standard font please click here.
I hope you all enjoy the review! I'm just blown away with the world that Melissa Wright has created in the Descendants seres!

Brianna Drake was born to save the world. The trouble is she doesn't have the slightest idea of how to. In Shifting Fate Brianna finds out many important and shocking things that leads to the prophecy. Most of her visions are painful and deceiving because they contain scary information about her family, plus her visions lead from one thing to another.

In Bound By Prophecy Aren and  Emily are the main characters in the book. But what I really thought was amazing is that in the second book in The Descendants series "Shifting Fate" comes from Emily's sister Brianna"s perspective. Which I really liked because we got to see the way two sisters thought throughout the entire story.

In Shifting Fate we learn more about the world and Prophecy that Brianna is tied into. Scared for her sister and the Division Brianna stays up for days searching for new information that may help her and her sister succeed in fulfilling the prophecy before Morgan destroys the world. Thankfully the Division currently has him captivated. So there are no worries about him hurting anyone else.... Right?

Even though both Emily and Brianna are twins, in Shifting Fate it feels like Brianna is much older than Emily. Maybe since Brianna can see the future her maturity is at a higher level because she's learned to accept what will happen next?

While learning more about the Prophecy Brianna didn't ask for anymore unnecessary distractions. But I'm not sure you could call Logan an "unnecessary distraction". Ever since one of Morgan's men tried to capture Brianna, Aren ordered Logan to listen and protect Brianna at all costs.
Once Brianna realizes that Logan has been in her past visions, every time she glances at him.. she blushes.
While studying about the Prophecy, Brianna's mind and eyes are elsewhere studying Logan and all of his beauty.

Logan used to be a destined protector for both brothers Morgan and Aren. But when Morgan overthrew the Council, Logan knew he couldn't live on Morgan's dark side. So he decided to live his own life. Helping on with side with the Division and continuing being loyal to Aren. Which means being completely and utterly loyal to Brianna.

Both Brianna and Logan know that they have a special connection and are meant for each other. They want one another. Waiting for the perfect moment Brianna saw in her vision. Both of them decide to wait on their romance.

But when Morgan escapes the Division he takes Brianna along with him. Being kept weak and chained up for days Brianna has anger eating away at her from what Morgan did to her family. With no hope she thinks that she'll never get out.

Here we go again. In book one of The Descendants series Emily finds the powerful sweetheart Aren. And in book two of The Descendants seres Brianna finds the sweet,caring,tender loving Logan! I'm honestly so in awe that there are wonderful male characters in this series! It's so hard to come by amazing guys.. Especially in books! The uncertainty that courses through Brianna thought Shifting Fate eventually get resolved and I feel that Brianna's character grew up by several years because of that.

The pacing in the novel was mostly fast paced which kept me on my toes! I felt that in Bound By Prophecy the story was still panning out and solving it's self. But in Shifting Fate we go more in depth about solving as well as resolving with what happens next.
Shifting Fate was written so beautifully. utterly amazing ,and captivating. With a steady blaze of fire that keeps you comfortably on your toes.

To view and learn more about Melissa Wright and her books please click here.
I also wanted to point out that Melissa Wright has another book series called The Frey Saga! And she has new cover art for the first book!! What do you think of it? I'm absolutely in love with the cover art!

Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy the review! If you've read this series tell me what your thoughts of it are in the comments below.
Until next time... Much love and best wishes,
Jade Crow 

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Review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Hey Book Lovers! How are you? Are you a LUNARtic fan? Because I am! I just finished my review of the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series "Cinder".
If you've read the Lunar Chronicles series which book is your favorite so far? Cinder,Scarlet, or Cress? Don't forget that Winter is coming in the next couple of days!
Please click here to view my review of Cinder! Tell me what you think about Cinder!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Interview with Elise Kova author of the Air Awakens series!

So I got the amazing opportunity to interview Elise Kova!!! Author of the Air Awakens series!! I'm so happy that I got the chance to ask her some questions! Her second book in the Air Awakens series "Fire Falling" is coming out November 19th 2015! So if I was you I would pre-order Fire Falling! ( I know I did)...
Anyways here's my interview with Elise Kova!

Have you gotten writers block before? If so, what did you do to kill time?
I actually endured writer's block recently between books three and four. All the books are drafted and I really didn't have any issues during that stage of the process... But, I also wasn't nearly as worried about the way the final product turned out when drafting (because I was only writing for FictionPress). I changed the ending of book three from my original drafts, which is completely changing a lot of book four. So I had to struggle and get my head around where book four was heading.

If I'm "killing time" I'm usually on social media. I love talking with readers because it reminds me why I'm doing all this! Plus, I made a lot of swag recently for Air Awakens.

What inspired you to create the world of Air Awakens?
I got back into writing in 2012-2013 while living in Japan. I made a great friend while I was there who was really inspirational for me. Talking about writing, reading her work, and discussing our favorite fantasy worlds made me want to get back writing again! 

At the same time, I heard Zedd’s song “Clarity” for the first time. I love EDM (Electronic Dance Music) for the rhythms and usually evocative lyrics. Clarity put a picture in my overactive imagination of a girl crying at the center of a magical windstorm and a man struggling at all costs to get to her. I considered the questions the song posed, “Why is their love tragedy/insanity? Why is it clarity?” When I had the answers I had the initial premise of Air Awakens and it was a story that was begging to be told.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Was there one particular author that inspired you to write?
I've always loved books and I've read anything I can get my hands on. When I think about my childhood and reading I rarely think of one author or story. I think of dozens of stories that I devoured, moving from one fantasy world to the next. And I think that's why I got inspired to write. Anything that can take people from one world, to a completely different world, is an amazing thing. Books are so cool that way.

Of course, I was also a part of the "Harry Potter Generation" with the first Harry Potter book coming out when I was eleven. So that played a huge part in my love of fantasy and magic growing up.

Do any of the characters in your Air Awakens series have any relation to your friends or family?
I've had my friends ask me that and it's really funny because two different people will swear the same character is based off of them. The truth is, I don't base characters off real people. My characters are mixes of experiences and personalities I've encountered, becoming their own identities. So I think it's flattering that I have succeeded in blending elements of "real people" together so that the characters in Air Awakens can relate to a lot of different personalities.
When did you start writing the Air Awakens series? How many books in this series do you plan to write?
I posted the first chapter of the original draft of Air Awakens on Fictionpress on August 22, 2013. I posted the last chapter of the draft for book five on May 19, 2014. So all the books are written! But, in my path to publication I've made a lot of edits to the first book, which made bigger changes in the second, even bigger ones in the third... Now I'm working on rewriting the fourth and I don't even know what the fifth book will look like, all told. I'm going to try to keep it to five books, but I'm going to do what's best for the story and if that means six books then so be it.

What are some things you do to find inspiration? Any tips for new authors?
Music, as I said before, plays a big part for me. Pop culture and media can be hit or miss. I watch a ton of anime so I'm familiar with how those narratives are told. Plus I LOVE to travel and have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the world... Really, art isn't created in a vacuum. We're all products of our environments and upbringing. So I think there's influences in my work I'm likely not even aware of.

I'd say a tip for new authors when it comes to being inspired is: Don't be afraid to daydream. There's nothing wrong with sitting quietly and looking out the window sometimes. You can't create other worlds if you spend all your time living in this one.
Do you plan to write books with various authors? Or do you prefer writing solo?
Never say never. But I have no plans to write with other authors, currently. My writing process is all over the place, so I'd be worried about not getting my thoughts out for someone else to understand. I can't say which I'd prefer since I've never written in tandem. 

Have any video games given you any ideas for your books?
I LOVE video games! But there hasn't been one that I was particularly inspired by. That being said, I think playing a lot of video games has been influential in shaping the types of narratives I love and stories I enjoy and, therefore, what I write.

On a day where your not writing or reading what do you find yourself doing?
Do days like that exist? Haha! Well, I love video games and anime as I mentioned already. I also love cooking. So if I have time to actually cook I really enjoy trying new recipes and remaking my favorites. I make a lot of sweets and end up giving them to my friends because I don't think I actually know how to cook cookies in quantities less than two-dozen.
What’s your favorite book? Who’s your favorite character and why?
This question is so hard. One book? One? That's like picking a favorite food, there are so many that are good and they are all different. You know what, I'm going to hijack this question and tell you my favorite book and character of the Air Awakens series.

My favorite book of the Air Awakens series I think is the fourth book. Everything really comes together then and a lot is pulled from the shadows. The reader has been given all the dots, it's just a matter of connecting them. And, if a reader hasn't already, that happens in book four.

My favorite character in the Air Awakens series I think is Aldrik. Cliche, I know, but he has a depth that's a lot of fun to write. Sometimes I'll write scenes from his point of view just to get them out of my head.

Do you plan to do any signings?
Eventually! I think it'd be really cool to meet readers. I'm not sure when it'll be, but whenever it happens I want to go where people want me to be. So, I put up an interactive map letting people submit their cities on my website:
If I travel it'd be to see my readers, so why not let them decide my book tour?

What does your writing area look like?
There's a closet in the entry/living area of my home that wasn't being used for anything so I took off the doors and built a mini-office in the closet! Half of the closet is a desk with a shelf over-top. The other half is a bench I built that I'll read and edit on. It's a little hidden (because you sit back into the "closet") and I have inspiration cork boards with notes and pictures pinned up there. My desk is usually a mess of pens, papers, random leftover dishes from the last time I ate and edited at the same time. I usually go through periods of not caring and then fits of "Clean Everything!!"

What’s one last thing you'd like to tell your fans?
Thank you. I feel like I can't say that enough and I mean it every time I say it. I'm an indie author. I don't have a publishing house behind me. I don't have a marketing team or "experts" to advise me. I'm figuring this out and I wouldn't have even gotten this far if I hadn't had the original FictionPress readers encouraging me and loving Air Awakens. Without you I'd be nothing, so, completely and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Also... That I hope we can all go on many more adventures together, and that I never disappoint or let you down.

(Okay, that was more than one, sorry!)

I had so much fun interviewing Elise Kova! Thank you so much for working with me Elise!  I hope all of you "book lovers" had fun reading my interview with her! 

To preorder the 2nd book in the "Air Awakens" series "Fire Falling" please click here.

Also the cover reveal to "Earth Ends" the 3rd installment in the Air Awakens series comes out on the 15th of November!!!
To view the Earth Ends cover on November 15th, please click here.

  To learn more about Elise Kova please click here. And to connect with her please click here.

Enjoy the Air Awakens series!!

Best wishes,
Jade Crow

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hello book lovers! I just finished my review on Bound by Prophecy by Melissa Wright.
Thank you so much Melissa for sending me your books in exchange for review!
To view my review on Bound by Prophecy please click here.

I hope you enjoy my review!

Best wishes, Jade Crow

November TBR

Hello Bookaholics! How are you? So for this month I'm hoping to stick to my TBR a little better. Since last month I read only two books from my TBR pile. I've decided that I'm going to try my best to stick to my pile for my November TBR. So in total the quantity of books total up to 14 books! Whoo hoo! That is a lot of books! Let's see if I can read all of them or get close to the amount.

*1 Bound by Prophecy by Malissa Wright. (1st book in the Descendants series).Thank you so much Melissa for sending me your books for review! I'm already in love!

*2 Shifting Fate by Melissa Wright.(2nd book in the Descendants series)

*3 Reign Of The Shadows by Melissa Wright. (3rd book in the Descendants series)
I'm absolutely loving these covers!

*4 King of Ash and Bone by Melissa Wright. (1st book in the Shattered Realms series)

*5 Oppression by Jessica Therrien (1st book in the Children of the Gods series)
Thank you so much Jessica for sending me your book! I'm so happy to be apart of the R&R Challenge she is hosting!

*6 Soothsayer by Allison Sipe (1st book in the Soothsayer series)
 Thank you Allison for sending me your books to read and review! 

*7 Avalon by Allison Sipe. ( 2nd book in the Soothsayer series)

*8  Reborn by C.C Hunter ( 1st book in the Shadow Falls: After Dark Trilogy)

*9 Path of the Horseman by Amy Braun 
Thank you so much Amy for sending me your books! 

*10 Breach Point by Steve Spatucci
Thank you so much for sending me your book!! 

*11 Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

*12,13,14 The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer
I decided to read all of these because I'm going to a Marissa Meyer signing this month!

Just wanted to clarify that if I realize that I will not have enough time to read all of these books then I'm only going to read the review copies I've had sent to me. With the exception of Cinder just because I need to know what everyone is talking about at the signing. 


If you can guess the right number of books I read this month, then I will send you a couple of bookish things in the mail!

Best wishes, Jade Crow

Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Wrap Up

Hey Book Lovers! Here are the novels I've read throughout the month of October 2015
Have you read any of these novels? Is so tell me what you think about them! What did you read for the month of October?
So I'd like to start off by tell you all that I read more books then I planned to read for the month of October! And I also didn't stick to my TBR as much as I thought I would...

Rating 5/5
So the first book that I read for the month of October is "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things by Martina McAtee 
The first book in the Dead Things series! This book is the perfect book for Halloween time! I couldn't put it down! Every page was a creepy treat! And I absolutely cannot wait for the second book in the Dead Things series called Dark Souls! To view my review please click here.

Rating 5/5
The second book in my TBR pile that I read was Searching for Darkness by Leah Ward
SFD was packed full of thrill and adventure!! It was quite a quick read but so extremely enjoyable! It kept me on my toes!! To view my review of SFD please click here.

Rating 5/5

The third book in my pile is Shadow and Bone by Leigh Badugo! I got the amazing opportunity to meet Leigh Bardugo for her Six Of Crows signing! She so amazing!! I'm sad that I never read Shadow and Bone sooner but I'm so happy that I did read it! The Grisha world is so intoxicating! I need to live there! Please click here to view my review

Rating 5/5
Fourth book that I read for my October TBR is Becoming by Debra Kristi.  The first book in the Balance Bringer series! Becoming is like no other book I've read! I love how unique Becoming is! I felt like I could relate to the main character Ana very well! And I'm beyond excited for Awakening to come out! To view my review of Becoming please click here

Rating 2/5
The fifth book that I read was By These Ten Bones by Clare B. Dunkle . I thought that the story was quite different and I like the new take on werewolves. The fact that it was creepy was a plus.
But in the end I only gave this book 2 stars. I found that there wasn't enough romance between the main characters to actually call it "love". I felt without that aspect it wasn't really a story. The character development was still on the brink of evolving when the book ended. I really wish that Clare would've written a sequel to By These Ten Bones. To view my review please click here.

Rating 5/5
The sixth book in my October TBR is The Fort by Rhonda Holt. Gosh this book was a tear jerker!! I loved it so so much!! It reminded me of the movie Boyhood but even better!! We follow a boy named Jake throughout his entire childhood life, teenage life, and adulthood. The Fort was sad and amazing all at once!! To view my review on The Fort please click here.

Rating 4/5
The Seventh book of my October TBR is Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. The second book in the Grisha Trilogy was so amazing and yet depressing.. Our main character Alina Starkov goes through her life as the Sun Summoner the hard way. Her and her best friend Mal end up falling in love.. But in Siege and Storm their relationship starts to deteriorate.. It was extremely painful and slow death, reading about Alina and Mal's relationship slowly separating.. In the end I really love Siege and Storm and I can't wait to read the last book in the Grisha trilogy Ruin and Rising! To view my review please click here.

And last but not least the eighth book in my October TBR is Bound by Prophecy by Melissa Wright. I'm loving it so far!! Since I started it a couple of days back. It will be apart of my November TBR too!! 

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed my October TBR. I didn't stick to many of the books that I said I was going to read. But I'm making it my goal for my November TBR to read all of the books I assign myself. I want to try and not go out of my TBR pile for November! My November TBR will be up shortly! Thank you!

Best wishes, Jade Crow!