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Review of Soothsayer by Allison Sipe 1st book in the Soothsayer series

Hey Book Lovers! How are you this fine day? To be honest I've been stressed because I'm in the process of moving and I haven't even started moving things yet.
So.. I wish that I could just everything on pause so I read, drink tea, and be on here more often.
I just finished my review of Soothsayer by Allison Sipe!! I love Soothsayer so much!!
So here is my review! I hope you all enjoy!

Living her life in Pismo Beach, Violet Evans is used to capturing magic on her camera. As a photographer she has a busy life taking photos of all different occasions. With a little help of her best friend/assistant named  Becky.

One day her and Becky spend some time together catching up on live while having coffee and going to their favorite local bookstore. Knowing that she has a big wedding occasion that day, Violet makes her stop at the bookstore quick all until a hot guy basically pops up out of nowhere and is a little too friendly as a stranger.

Brushing off her encounter at the bookstore, Violet gets herself and her camera equipment ready for the Maxwells wedding.
While taking photos of the beautiful outdone scenery she stumbles upon the too friendly,hot, mystery man named Robert. Violet can't pinpoint it but she feels tat something is different with Robert. She  just doesn't know yet.

Spending a full day at a wedding taking photos of the lovely bride and groom, Violet starts to pack up. When all of a sudden a near death experience happens to Violet.
That's when Robert comes into the picture.

Soon finding out that she isn't normal Violet goes into a state of shock because she's been kept in the dark. A whole family called the Patridge's are all magically trained people set out to kill her because she's The Waker..

Learning more about there history and magic Violet cannot accept that she is powerful and destined to do great things. But how can she when she's been living a lie and she can't even call upon magic?

Robert and Violet spend more time together now that Robert is her protector. Starting to fall for him Violet pushes their relationship back further, not wanting her heart to hurt anymore than it already has. But with nowhere left to run the only place she feels safe is in Roberts arms.

Gosh!!! I cannot put  words into how much I enjoyed Soothsayer!!! At the beginning of the novel theres a prologue set in the 1700's that draws you into the book so far to the point you have to keep reading to find out what happens next!
I felt that the story overall as very great! Many of the aspects that I enjoyed were the descriptive parts of Soothsayer. Allison Sipe has a talent of making the scenery in the novel feel like it's actually surrounding you. I've never read a fantasy novel that ties into the King Arthur time period. And I really liked that because it has some old myths and history from the 1700's.
I felt that the plot was well done it had a lot of suspense and rollercoasters! Although throughout Soothsayer I found that the story could be very predictable at times..

The characters were also very well done. Since Soothsayer is read from Violets perspective we learn more about her life rather than Robert's.
Violet's character is very independent,responsible, caring, and sensitive.The humor that Violet has is contagious and those little treats thoughtout the book kept it lighthearted when though there was a lot dark things happening to Violet.
Towards the end of the novel, Violet's character becomes wiser and stronger while accepting that she power.
I don't have much to say about Robert since we don't learn much about him in Soothsayer, other than that he's super caring,powerful/strong, and that he will do anything he can to protect Violet.

Their romance throughout the novel is so cute!!! I love the hesitation that Violet has about having a relationship with Robert. And I really liked that the progression in their intimate relationship is continuing to prolong itself. Just because many of the novels I've read that contain romance seem to rush when it comes to an intimate relationship.
The tension of wanting to be with one another had me on the tips of my toes because I kept anticipating what would happen next between Robert and Violet.

I'm super intersted to find out more about the special powers that the characters have.
I feel that Allison Sipe did a great job wither characters in Soothsayer as well as the overall writing and story.

All in all Soothsayer was one of the best books I've read that also tied into ancient myths and magic from the King Arthur period. The writing style and setting of the novel was so addicting!
If you want some magic,suspense, romance,with dark elements and a twist of myths you are most defiantly going to fall in love with Soothsayer!

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Thank you for everything Allison! Violet has inspired me to use my camera more often!

I hope you all enjoyed the review!
Best wishes and much magical love,
Jade Crow

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