Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review of Reign Of Shadows by Melissa Wright

Hey book lovers! How have you all been?
I just finished my book review of the third book in The Descendants series by Melissa Wright.
I adore and love The Descendants series so much! So here's my review of Reign of Shadows and the entire series!

In Reign Of Shadows we learn more dark things about Brianna Drake's world.
Aren,Emily,Brianna,and Logan finally feel that they're all safe from the wrath of Morgan, now that he's captivated,and has not powers.

So Brianna goes on with her life with Logan believing that the prophecy is fulfilled.

All until she starts to get the horrible dreams and visions that are about the prophecy.
Learning that they are in grave danger, Brianna sets out trying to depicter how the prophecy and their lives will all end.
One thing that she doesn't know is that both her and her sister aren't what they thought they were. They're Shadows. The most powerful beings of their magical prophecy. Soon finding out that everything that they've all believed in is a lie and that there'd more work to do. Brianna. Logan, Aren, Emily, and several of their friends/ guards all try and adapt to their newly found powers.

Preparing for the big battle with the ancient Shadows. Brianna gets visions sent to her of what's about to come, although when she receives most of her visions most of the don't  feel right. They don't feel clear. Her visions feel controlled.
Being tricked,fed lies,and getting hurt Brianna is tired of being manipulated. All she wants is for the prophecy to be over and done with.
But she knows it's not that easy. Will she be able to see the future far enough to fulfill the prophecy?

Reign Of Shadows was such a great ending to The Descendants series! All of the characters were beautifully done! Although I have to say that Aren is my favorite!!  The overall idea of the story was unique. The first book in The Descendants series (Bound By Prophecy) was a great kick starter to the series. At first it was quite confusing and a little slow. But from adding those aspects to it, it felt like you were thrown into the series,working out the prophecy with the characters. In Bound By Prophecy we learn more about Aren and Emily with how their relationship intertwines. As well as the prophecy and the overall storyline. We also read from Aren's perspective. With little flares of Emily's perspective. The second book in The Descendants series (Shifting Fate) is just when things truly start to unfold. And when the suspense is a rollercoaster that never ends!! The perspective we read about in Shifting Fate is from Brianna and a little bit of Logan.

 What I thought was quite cool, is that Melissa Wright changed the perspective that you were reading about for every book in The Descendants series.
I have to say that many of the series I read that have perspective changes are not good at all.
Melissa Wright on the other hand executes the perspective changes so well to the point of making The Descendants series  AMAZING!!
Book three in The Descendants series (Reign Of Shadows) draws the conclusion of the entire series in. I honestly felt that with everything that happened in book three, that there could've been maybe another book. It just seemed like so much happened in so little time. Which made it really suspenseful. But it still felt like the story could've drawn out just a little more. Other than that... I can't choose my favorite book in the series! They were all too good! I also really liked that in book three we get to read the perspectives from the sideline characters too! I really loved the ending of Reign Of Shadows! It was a great happy ending. But it felt like  there's a hint of maybe something more. Like the prophecy and story could continue to go on. All I know is that I'm happy either way! I 100% recommend this series! It's on the top of my list for rereading!

I hope you all enjoyed the review! Have you book lovers read this series yet?
You can purchase the first book in the Descendants series Bound by Prophecy here.

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Note to Melissa: Thank you so much for being amazing and for letting me review your books!
Much love, Jade

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