Review Policy

Dear authors/publishers,

If your interested in me reviewing your book then I'd be more than happy to! I also do interviews as well! Weather you send me your books that have been out for awhile or ARC's I'd be honored to!
However, I do not read or review Ebooks. (Only with selected authors that I have agreements with)

Shoutout/Spotlight Opportunities
Every novel I receive I do a review on. And during that review I always shoutout or talk a little but about the author. But if you'd like me to do a separate post of an "Author Spotlight" or "Shoutout" I'd be more than happy to.

Plus I also offer "Interviewing", and the interview normally goes up to 10 questions, with your selected author profile photo, small author summary, and synopsis of books that you've written.

Novels/Genres I like to read
I have a huge variety of novels and genres that I love to read, so there normally are not novels that I "don't like to read". But the ones I normally do not review are listed below.

Genres that I do not read:
I don't read non-fiction, or biographies. If you write these specific genres, and would like me to review/interview you I'm sure we could work something out!

Here's my contact info:
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If you have any accounts you can also Direct Message me too!

Thank you so much! I can't wait to be working with you and reviewing your books!

Best Wishes,  Jade Crow

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