Thursday, November 12, 2015

Interview with Leah Ward author of the Searching For Darkness series!

So happy I got the chance to do an interview with the beautiful Leah Ward author of the Searching For Darkness series! I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did! It was a whole bunch of fun!

 1  * What inspired you to start writing middle grade/YA novels?

I started writing poetry first, in high school. After I had my poems published and won a few contests, I decided I wanted to try writing a full on novel. So I came up with the idea for Searching for Darkness and began writing! I had so much fun writing it that I knew this would be my genre.

 2* Have you ever had writers block before? If so how did you cure your writers block?

Yes! I have writers block quite frequently. But, I always find myself re-inspired after a long drive in the car or a shower!

  3* How did you get the idea for writing Searching For Darkness

I knew I wanted to write fantasy and I knew I wanted to write middle grade. I began thinking of the stories I like to read and what would interest me. My favorite books and movies are full of adventure, plot twists and suspense. So I made sure my book had all of those elements! Then I just created a general idea and began writing and editing!

  4* If you could have a power from Searching For Darkness what would you choose?

If I could have one power it would probably be Edwin’s ability to talk to certain creatures like dragons. How cool would that be to have a conversation with a dragon?

 5* Do you have any characteristics in common with Edwin and Lena, the main characters in Searching For Darkness?

Edwin and Lena are different in many aspects except in the fact that they are determined. They go on this impossible quest and stick together throughout the entire thing. I would say that I am determined as well. I want my books to be successful and I do everything I can to push my books into the place I want them to be.

 6* What does your writing process consist of?

My writing process is very different than the traditional style I would say. First I daydream of the idea of my book, creating dialogue and scenarios in my head before I ever pick up a pen. Then I jot notes, ideas, characters, and plot. After I have a good idea I just start writing and see where the story goes. I don’t have a certain guideline, or plan to follow, I just write. Then I edit the entire story after it’s done.

7* Is there a fantasy world you could see yourself living in? If so what is it?

 Weirdly enough I feel like I could live in the Walking Dead. Side by side with Michonne and Rick! I’m always riding by barns, prisons or farms thinking “This would be great to live in if we were in The Walking Dead!” 

 8* While running marathons do you think about the story your currently writing?

 I haven’t quite gotten to running marathons but I do run in a lot of other road races. Normally I’m thinking “How much left do I have!?” And, not thinking about the story. However the past few runs I have went on, I have been thinking about Edwin and Lena and what’s going to happen to them in the third story. It’s definitely going to be the most intense part of this trilogy.

  9* Who are some of your favorite authors? Which authors have inspired you to write Searching For Darkness?

My favorite authors include Dav Pilkey who wrote “Captain Underpants” and Jeff Kinney who wrote “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” I love middle grade books full of sarcasm and both of these authors know how to deliver. Other authors I enjoy are John Green, Veronica Roth and J.K Rowling!

10*What does your writing space look like? 

 My writing space is no space in particular. Sometimes I write in my room laying on the floor. Sometimes I’m at the kitchen table, and sometimes I go to the library just to focus. Anywhere I write, however, has to be completely silent.

 11*How did you go about choosing your cover art for Searching For Darkness and the sequel Chasing The Darkness?

The cover art was one of my favorite parts. I hired a graphic designer who I had researched. I really liked his work! Anyway I knew I wanted dragons, and I knew I wanted the kids to be riding on the back of the dragon. Imagine a kid seeing that book cover and immediately thinking “How cool, I want to do that!” That’s what I was aiming for!

12* What can you tell us about the sequel to Searching For Darkness, Chasing The Darkness?

Chasing the Darkness is the informative sequel. You learn more backstory and more about the world they live in and why it is that way. The first book is very action packed, leading you on this adventure without telling you much of ‘why’ or ‘how.’ But, the second book answers many of those questions!

13* Do you have any last words you like to say to your fans?

 I will always be thankful for those who read my books! I love reading reviews and hearing people talk about the story and what they think will happen next. I love having fans/readers and am grateful for them all!

To learn more about Leah Ward please click here.
I had so much fun doing this interview! Thank you so much Leah! 

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I hope you all enjoyed the interview with Leah Ward!

Best wishes and much love, Jade Crow 

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