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Review of book two in The Descendants series "Shifting Fate"

Hello Book Lovers! How are you this fine day! I just uploaded my review of Shifting Fate by Melissa Wright on Goodreads. So to view the review in standard font please click here.
I hope you all enjoy the review! I'm just blown away with the world that Melissa Wright has created in the Descendants seres!

Brianna Drake was born to save the world. The trouble is she doesn't have the slightest idea of how to. In Shifting Fate Brianna finds out many important and shocking things that leads to the prophecy. Most of her visions are painful and deceiving because they contain scary information about her family, plus her visions lead from one thing to another.

In Bound By Prophecy Aren and  Emily are the main characters in the book. But what I really thought was amazing is that in the second book in The Descendants series "Shifting Fate" comes from Emily's sister Brianna"s perspective. Which I really liked because we got to see the way two sisters thought throughout the entire story.

In Shifting Fate we learn more about the world and Prophecy that Brianna is tied into. Scared for her sister and the Division Brianna stays up for days searching for new information that may help her and her sister succeed in fulfilling the prophecy before Morgan destroys the world. Thankfully the Division currently has him captivated. So there are no worries about him hurting anyone else.... Right?

Even though both Emily and Brianna are twins, in Shifting Fate it feels like Brianna is much older than Emily. Maybe since Brianna can see the future her maturity is at a higher level because she's learned to accept what will happen next?

While learning more about the Prophecy Brianna didn't ask for anymore unnecessary distractions. But I'm not sure you could call Logan an "unnecessary distraction". Ever since one of Morgan's men tried to capture Brianna, Aren ordered Logan to listen and protect Brianna at all costs.
Once Brianna realizes that Logan has been in her past visions, every time she glances at him.. she blushes.
While studying about the Prophecy, Brianna's mind and eyes are elsewhere studying Logan and all of his beauty.

Logan used to be a destined protector for both brothers Morgan and Aren. But when Morgan overthrew the Council, Logan knew he couldn't live on Morgan's dark side. So he decided to live his own life. Helping on with side with the Division and continuing being loyal to Aren. Which means being completely and utterly loyal to Brianna.

Both Brianna and Logan know that they have a special connection and are meant for each other. They want one another. Waiting for the perfect moment Brianna saw in her vision. Both of them decide to wait on their romance.

But when Morgan escapes the Division he takes Brianna along with him. Being kept weak and chained up for days Brianna has anger eating away at her from what Morgan did to her family. With no hope she thinks that she'll never get out.

Here we go again. In book one of The Descendants series Emily finds the powerful sweetheart Aren. And in book two of The Descendants seres Brianna finds the sweet,caring,tender loving Logan! I'm honestly so in awe that there are wonderful male characters in this series! It's so hard to come by amazing guys.. Especially in books! The uncertainty that courses through Brianna thought Shifting Fate eventually get resolved and I feel that Brianna's character grew up by several years because of that.

The pacing in the novel was mostly fast paced which kept me on my toes! I felt that in Bound By Prophecy the story was still panning out and solving it's self. But in Shifting Fate we go more in depth about solving as well as resolving with what happens next.
Shifting Fate was written so beautifully. utterly amazing ,and captivating. With a steady blaze of fire that keeps you comfortably on your toes.

To view and learn more about Melissa Wright and her books please click here.
I also wanted to point out that Melissa Wright has another book series called The Frey Saga! And she has new cover art for the first book!! What do you think of it? I'm absolutely in love with the cover art!

Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy the review! If you've read this series tell me what your thoughts of it are in the comments below.
Until next time... Much love and best wishes,
Jade Crow 

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