Monday, November 30, 2015

Book review on Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Hello Book Lovers! How was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat a lot of food and also ingest books that day/ I know that I read a lot on Thanksgiving? How about you?
Also since it's the last day of the month... How are your TBR piles looking like?
 Anyways here's my review of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer! Have you read The Lunar Chronicles series? If not then I totally recommend it!

Scarlet Benoit is an older teenager who lives on her farm and sells crops for a living. Her entire time is consumed by making local deliveries on the outskirts of France. Being around nature and on her farm, while also spending time with her grandmother is the most enjoyable thing she loves.
All until her life gets ripped up from underneath her and her grandmother disappears out of thin air.
Struggling to take care of the farm, Scarlet can't take it anymore and she decides to seek for her grandmother.
Then she meets this mysterious young man named Wolf.Getting his nickname from fighting for a living. Wolf is rough, but he's also caring and shy at the same time.
When their lives meet up Scarlet learns more about Wolf that she didn't think was possible. As does Wolf.
Learning Wolf is apart of a secret French gang. The particular French gang that took her grandmother and her dad. Wolf agrees to help Scarlet seek for her grandma. Knowing that what they are both doing is basically a death sentence they still go through with it .

Cinder on the other hand doesn't want her country to die at Queen Levanna's hand. And she especially doesn't want to either.
Escaping from the palace's prison Cinder runs into young man named Throne. Captain Thorne...
Coming accustomed to her new Lunar powers Cinder manipulates other people to escape from Levanna's grasp.
Emperor Kai seeks for Cinder knowing that Queen Levanna will have everyone's heads if he doesn't.Making himself forget about the feelings that he once had for Cinder, Kai send special forces to capture Cinder and bring her back to Levanna.
Can he truly succeed in doing so?
Finding out that Scarlets grandmother may know more about Cinder's Lunar powers. Cinder,Iko, and Throne search for Scarlets grandmother, but instead they find the completely opposite.

In book one of the Lunar Chronicles series, we follow the main character Cinder and how she lives her daily life basically being a servant for her mother and sister.
In the first book of the series I want to say that Cinder's personality is quite timid and shy. But in the second book of the Lunar Chronicles Cinder is tough and brave. She's changed so much in just one book! Coming to realize that she isn't who she really thought she was, Cinder starts to accept who she really is!
The second book in the series we see the perspective of Scarlet. Her character is already so strong and sure of herself. But when her life crumples she soon becomes sad, determined, and stronger than she was before.
Never expecting to be stopped so short in her tracks. She is. And she's stopped by a really good-looking fighter named Wolf. Retaining herself back, she's not too sure if she should trust him and fall for him. But when she does... he becomes the wolf that always hurts the girl.
Emperor Kai, doesn't know how to rule the country. So naive and young, he tries his best to stay away from something sinister. His main goal is for Earth to have peace. But when Queen Levanna from the moon threatens to cause war between Lunar and and Earth. He ends up cowering down to Levanna. Knowing that she wants Cinder. Levanna makes a deal with Kai. If Kai finds Cinder then she will hold off on calling a war. But when Kai has no success in finding Cinder. He only has one choice left.

I looovvveeedd Scarlet so much! Cinder was just a kick starter to the Lunar Chronicles seres! Scarlet has a huge amount of suspense that makes you want to read the next two books in the series in one night!! Omg and the romance was so so so amazing!!! The pacing was so nice! It felt that Marissa Meyer was talking you though the story at a nice,easy, and peaceful pace! I loved all of the characters! Especially Wolf. I loved how he helped Scarlet. The way he betrayed her was horrible and heart crunching. But he still stays true to her in the end!
I'm so hyped about what will happen next with Cinder, Kai, and Queen Levanna..
After all Princess Selene ( Who is Cinder) does have the right to become Empress....

I hope you all enjoyed my review of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. Second book in The Lunar Chronicles series! Question... What are you reading for the month of December?
My wrap up and TBR should be up shortly!
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Best wishes and much love,
 Jade Crow

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