Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Interview with Elise Kova author of the Air Awakens series!

So I got the amazing opportunity to interview Elise Kova!!! Author of the Air Awakens series!! I'm so happy that I got the chance to ask her some questions! Her second book in the Air Awakens series "Fire Falling" is coming out November 19th 2015! So if I was you I would pre-order Fire Falling! ( I know I did)...
Anyways here's my interview with Elise Kova!

Have you gotten writers block before? If so, what did you do to kill time?
I actually endured writer's block recently between books three and four. All the books are drafted and I really didn't have any issues during that stage of the process... But, I also wasn't nearly as worried about the way the final product turned out when drafting (because I was only writing for FictionPress). I changed the ending of book three from my original drafts, which is completely changing a lot of book four. So I had to struggle and get my head around where book four was heading.

If I'm "killing time" I'm usually on social media. I love talking with readers because it reminds me why I'm doing all this! Plus, I made a lot of swag recently for Air Awakens.

What inspired you to create the world of Air Awakens?
I got back into writing in 2012-2013 while living in Japan. I made a great friend while I was there who was really inspirational for me. Talking about writing, reading her work, and discussing our favorite fantasy worlds made me want to get back writing again! 

At the same time, I heard Zedd’s song “Clarity” for the first time. I love EDM (Electronic Dance Music) for the rhythms and usually evocative lyrics. Clarity put a picture in my overactive imagination of a girl crying at the center of a magical windstorm and a man struggling at all costs to get to her. I considered the questions the song posed, “Why is their love tragedy/insanity? Why is it clarity?” When I had the answers I had the initial premise of Air Awakens and it was a story that was begging to be told.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Was there one particular author that inspired you to write?
I've always loved books and I've read anything I can get my hands on. When I think about my childhood and reading I rarely think of one author or story. I think of dozens of stories that I devoured, moving from one fantasy world to the next. And I think that's why I got inspired to write. Anything that can take people from one world, to a completely different world, is an amazing thing. Books are so cool that way.

Of course, I was also a part of the "Harry Potter Generation" with the first Harry Potter book coming out when I was eleven. So that played a huge part in my love of fantasy and magic growing up.

Do any of the characters in your Air Awakens series have any relation to your friends or family?
I've had my friends ask me that and it's really funny because two different people will swear the same character is based off of them. The truth is, I don't base characters off real people. My characters are mixes of experiences and personalities I've encountered, becoming their own identities. So I think it's flattering that I have succeeded in blending elements of "real people" together so that the characters in Air Awakens can relate to a lot of different personalities.
When did you start writing the Air Awakens series? How many books in this series do you plan to write?
I posted the first chapter of the original draft of Air Awakens on Fictionpress on August 22, 2013. I posted the last chapter of the draft for book five on May 19, 2014. So all the books are written! But, in my path to publication I've made a lot of edits to the first book, which made bigger changes in the second, even bigger ones in the third... Now I'm working on rewriting the fourth and I don't even know what the fifth book will look like, all told. I'm going to try to keep it to five books, but I'm going to do what's best for the story and if that means six books then so be it.

What are some things you do to find inspiration? Any tips for new authors?
Music, as I said before, plays a big part for me. Pop culture and media can be hit or miss. I watch a ton of anime so I'm familiar with how those narratives are told. Plus I LOVE to travel and have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the world... Really, art isn't created in a vacuum. We're all products of our environments and upbringing. So I think there's influences in my work I'm likely not even aware of.

I'd say a tip for new authors when it comes to being inspired is: Don't be afraid to daydream. There's nothing wrong with sitting quietly and looking out the window sometimes. You can't create other worlds if you spend all your time living in this one.
Do you plan to write books with various authors? Or do you prefer writing solo?
Never say never. But I have no plans to write with other authors, currently. My writing process is all over the place, so I'd be worried about not getting my thoughts out for someone else to understand. I can't say which I'd prefer since I've never written in tandem. 

Have any video games given you any ideas for your books?
I LOVE video games! But there hasn't been one that I was particularly inspired by. That being said, I think playing a lot of video games has been influential in shaping the types of narratives I love and stories I enjoy and, therefore, what I write.

On a day where your not writing or reading what do you find yourself doing?
Do days like that exist? Haha! Well, I love video games and anime as I mentioned already. I also love cooking. So if I have time to actually cook I really enjoy trying new recipes and remaking my favorites. I make a lot of sweets and end up giving them to my friends because I don't think I actually know how to cook cookies in quantities less than two-dozen.
What’s your favorite book? Who’s your favorite character and why?
This question is so hard. One book? One? That's like picking a favorite food, there are so many that are good and they are all different. You know what, I'm going to hijack this question and tell you my favorite book and character of the Air Awakens series.

My favorite book of the Air Awakens series I think is the fourth book. Everything really comes together then and a lot is pulled from the shadows. The reader has been given all the dots, it's just a matter of connecting them. And, if a reader hasn't already, that happens in book four.

My favorite character in the Air Awakens series I think is Aldrik. Cliche, I know, but he has a depth that's a lot of fun to write. Sometimes I'll write scenes from his point of view just to get them out of my head.

Do you plan to do any signings?
Eventually! I think it'd be really cool to meet readers. I'm not sure when it'll be, but whenever it happens I want to go where people want me to be. So, I put up an interactive map letting people submit their cities on my website:
If I travel it'd be to see my readers, so why not let them decide my book tour?

What does your writing area look like?
There's a closet in the entry/living area of my home that wasn't being used for anything so I took off the doors and built a mini-office in the closet! Half of the closet is a desk with a shelf over-top. The other half is a bench I built that I'll read and edit on. It's a little hidden (because you sit back into the "closet") and I have inspiration cork boards with notes and pictures pinned up there. My desk is usually a mess of pens, papers, random leftover dishes from the last time I ate and edited at the same time. I usually go through periods of not caring and then fits of "Clean Everything!!"

What’s one last thing you'd like to tell your fans?
Thank you. I feel like I can't say that enough and I mean it every time I say it. I'm an indie author. I don't have a publishing house behind me. I don't have a marketing team or "experts" to advise me. I'm figuring this out and I wouldn't have even gotten this far if I hadn't had the original FictionPress readers encouraging me and loving Air Awakens. Without you I'd be nothing, so, completely and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Also... That I hope we can all go on many more adventures together, and that I never disappoint or let you down.

(Okay, that was more than one, sorry!)

I had so much fun interviewing Elise Kova! Thank you so much for working with me Elise!  I hope all of you "book lovers" had fun reading my interview with her! 

To preorder the 2nd book in the "Air Awakens" series "Fire Falling" please click here.

Also the cover reveal to "Earth Ends" the 3rd installment in the Air Awakens series comes out on the 15th of November!!!
To view the Earth Ends cover on November 15th, please click here.

  To learn more about Elise Kova please click here. And to connect with her please click here.

Enjoy the Air Awakens series!!

Best wishes,
Jade Crow


  1. Love this interview! Living in Japan must have been really cool. It's so great you had such an inspirational friend! I don't think it's cliche at all to have Aldrik as your favourite. I really love him and everything he does (maybe except the roof scene). He takes care of Vhalla in his own way - so fierce <3

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy you loved the interview! I had so much fun interviewing Elise. Are you excited for Fire Falling to come out?