Monday, January 25, 2016

Review of The Gifted by Mathew Dickerson

Hello Book Bloggers! How've you all been? I just finished The Gifted this pass week and it's about time I get this review out to you! I hope you like it!

I finally made the time to read The Gifted and there's honestly nothing I regret about reading it. Matthew has a striking talent for creating an epic fantasy that's extremely well detailed and well thought out, with overly amazing well rounded characters!
The plot blew me away! There was so much that went on in so little time it made me adrenalized and disoriented all in the best of ways. At the very beginning of The Gifted, it felt slow and prolonged. But after you adapt to the world, it becomes very addicting. Matthew's writing style is very precise, making you really take every word in.
 Almost every line and description plays an important part in his story, which at times was slightly overbearing because there was so much description involved I found myself craving for more action. but don't get me wrong, Matthew Dickerson has a killer talent for world building! I love Tolkien's novels and the world that he created, so to find similar story style here was most impressive. And from going into The Gifted not knowing much, I was completely stunned with how well Matthew tackled creating an epic fantasy!
 Everything about the character development was outstanding, and I just loved how developed all of the characters back stories are. I'm also pretty intrigued as to what will happen with the main love triangle.
I made sure I read The Gifted somewhat slow so I could savor it and not wait too long for the second novel (The Betrayal) to come out!
All I can say is that if you loved The Hobbit or or any Tolkien novels you will not be disappointed with The Gifted.

To learn more about Matthew Dickerson and his second novel in the Daegmon series "The Betrayal" please click here!

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