Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review of Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Hey Book Lovers! Have you read Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo? Or the Grisha trilogy?
Well it just finished the series and it basically killed me. So many twists an turns happened I don't even know where to begin!

So here's my review! I hope you like it! 

I don't know what to say other than that I'm super disappointed that the series has already ended. I feel like apart of me has been left as a remnant in the Grisha world that Leigh Bardugo created.
As I sit here writing my review of Ruin and Rising, I'm holding a big, soft, stuffed bear while I mentally sob about the fact that I won't ever be able to read more about all of the wonderful characters in the Grisha series. But nonetheless all I can basically say is that Leigh Bardugo couldn't have created a better ending than the one she made for Ruin and Rising.
I mentally,emotionally, and physically ate and ripped through the first (Shadow and Bone) and second (Siege and Storm) book in the Grisha trilogy. Now when it came to the third and final book in the series... that's when it became serious!! Because that's when it finally processed in my head, that it was actually the LAST and FINAL book. So I had to savor every second of it. Which in the end, resulted to me reading it super slow (like 10 pages every 3 days, kind of slow)... And it was so worth it!

Alina Starkov totally blossoms at the end of the series. She becomes the fiercest main character I've ever read. I absolutely loved how obsessed and determined she was when it came to saving the citizens of her country. (She may have been too obsessed when it came to finding her third power source). I honestly felt like I was Alina at times from how descriptive Leigh was when it came to emotions. There wasn't much description when it came to the Grisha world. Which was at times made me somewhat down because I found myself really wanting more description of the scenery. But I was also relieved too, because too much description and world building tends to take away from the rest of the wonderful aspects of the story.

I found that the relationship of Alina and Mal wasn't as cliché or overblown as some teen YA relationships are. But at certain time frames in the story I found myself getting agitated at the back and forth issues that Mal and Alina were having. Which I could understand because real life relationships are like that all of the time. But I just got so annoyed at it during certain periods.
That honestly didn't take much away because in the end their relationship was cute. There were no characters that needed to be removed. Each and every character played an important part in every scene. 
Nikolai,Mal,Alina,and The Darkling were all beautifully created and intricate characters! I especially loved The Darkling ( which many of you may hate me for because he's so evil) his carefully deceitful plans were placed extremely well throughout the series. He's the character you truly want to stay away from but in the end you feel somehow attached or compelled to his energy.

I was in awe throughout the entire book from how many plot twists and surprises that Leigh slyly sneaked inside her story and the extra splash of humor was addicting. At the end of the series I felt like there was something missing in the story. I just can't quite pinpoint what exactly it was. And thankfully I wasn't the only one who felt that way.
 But even though there was something missing, I will always be addicted to this series! Every part of it truly was a gift to read! I'm sad and happy that I've finished the series. I have yet to see what's in store for Six of Crows.

I hope you liked my review! If you've read the Grisha trilogy then comment below so we can discuss the series together! 

Best wishes and much love,
Jade Crow 

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