Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December Wrap Up

Hello Book Lovers! Hope all is well! I'm actually pretty late putting my December Wrap Up up. But last month I was quite busy with work. And this month is going to be a lot crazier! I found sometime to just sit down and work on some things... And here I am!
So for the month of December I read a total of 7 books! Which I think is pretty good under the circumstances of how busy I was.

5/5 Stars for Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout.
I really loved the entire concept of Jennifer re-writing the LUX series but in Daemon's perspective!
I honestly hope that Jennifer continues to write the remainder of the series from Daemon's point of view. Because if you read the Lux series, we all know the pain and the feelings we had, when the series finally finished!
I also enjoyed how accurate Daemon's point of view match up with Katy's point of view. The Lux series will forever hold a special place in my heart!

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5/5 Stars for Oppression by Jessica Therrien.
Since it's the first book in the Children of the Gods series, I was a little tentative to start it just because I didn't know much about the premise itself. But I'd heard so many great things about it, I was dying to know more. And gosh this story was absolutely phenomenal! It reminded me of a little like the Percy Jackson series, just because it as the god and goddess aspect in it. But it's such a great, mature, suspenseful novel! I loved every second of it!

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5/5 Stars for Unfinished Ink by Joanne Marlowe.
I'm not much of a poetry person. The reason to that is because I've never truly taken the time to read much poetry. It's always been a requirement for english exams. But I've never read much of it for my pure enjoyment. In the end Joanne's collection of poems "Unfinished Ink" changed my perspective of not just poetry but everything in life. There's a certain style she has with her poem that just complexity unravels me and makes me see things clearly. All of her poems are not only a great read, but you can understand them and relate to them at the same time. I'm also doing an interview with Joanne and it should be up sometime this week!

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5/5 Stars for Avalon by Allison Sipe.
Soothsayer (first book in the Soothsayer series) drew me into the magical realms that main character "Violet" had to adapt to. Including having to adapt to the handsome, and charming Robert. We learn things from Violets perspective in Soothsayer.
In Avalon we learn more about Robert. Which is fantastic because I wanted to learn so much more about him in the first book. I absolutely loved that Allison continued the Soothsayer story but from Robert's point of view. Especially since he's been missing. I'm extremely excited for "Trivium" to come out. Third book in the Soothsayer series!

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4/5 Stars for The Road by Cormac McCarthy.
I really loved the the gruesome story that Cormac creates and draws you into. If a post apocalypse really happened.. then the world that The Road was created in seems pretty accurate. I loved how deeply both the narrator and his son were connected. The Road is meant to be read in either one sitting or within a couple of days. And since I sadly didn't do that, it felt as though the story was dragged on. But I still loved it. And it will forever hold a heart wrenching place in my heart.

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4/5 Stars for Instructions for the End of the World by Jamie Kain.
This novel was nothing that I expected it to be. I throughly enjoyed the entire idea of this story. Of how our main characters family basically goes down the hole. And it's about her finding our more about her family and herself, while also trying to survive with her gushing crush she has and living by herself with her sister.
I loved how heartwarming this novel was and how the main character "Nichole"s family life wasn't sugarcoated. I honestly didn't care much for the view changes in this novel. But I'm still super excited to read more of Jamie's works!

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4/5 Stars for Shrilugh by Myndi Shafer. I really loved how extremely
unique this story was. I absolutely fell in love with both the main characters Brig and Aydan. The chilling suspense and adrenaline that is in this novel made me fly through this novel! Although I tried my best to read it as slowly as possible because it as such a treat! One thing that I didn't like much about this story was that it could be confusing at times by trying to figure out what Aydan really is. And the cliffhanger was random. And it killed me so much because I wanted to know what happened next!
I throughly enjoyed the romance in this novel! And I cannot wait to read The Darkening!

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I sadly didn't get the chance to read  some of the other books I challenged myself to read for the month of December. But I hope to read them in my next TBR, and for the remaining months.
What did you read for the month of December? How about for the entire year of 2015?
I read a total of 64 novels. And my bookish related New Years resolutions is to read 100 books or more this year. Spend more time on my blog,interview some amazing people. And meet some amazing authors and book bloggers!

Best wishes,
Jade Crow

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