Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blog Tour/Book review of Night Fox by Tia Giacalone

Hello Book Lovers! Hope all is well! What are you currently reading? I just finished Night Fox by Tia Giacalone. Second book in the Hey Sunshine series. I went into this series by not reading the first book. And....... it was so utterly, unbelievably, amazing! Tia has a talent for creating a heart wrenching story!
I'm also apart of Tia blog tour she's having for Night Fox! So please check out the other reviews, they are so good!
I hope you enjoy my review!

In Night Fox, we follow the life of a twenty eight year old firefighter (Fox) and search and rescue personal. But he soon forgets everything he knew from a major accident he gets in.
After 5 days waiting patiently in the hospital, Avery (Fox's wife) cannot wait for Fox to wake up out of his coma. Missing his scent,touch,voice, and everything about him, it's a relief when Fox finally wakes up.. Or is it.
After waking up, Fox is in a complete daze, especially when his entire family tells him that he recently got into a motorcycle accident. All this time, he thought that he got severely injured and his best friend died when they were saving hikers from a wild fire.
Everything about his best friend dying and the wild fire was true, but it all happened about a year ago.
And to top that he has a wife named Avery and a daughter named Annabelle.
Fox just can't handle the pressure of everything, especially when it comes to the fact that he can't remember a a single thing about his wonderful relationship with his wife and daughter that everyone says he has.
Will Fox ever regain his memories of his beautiful life he had all before the accident?

This novel was a complete tearjerker that was full of aguish and romance at the same time. I enjoyed how emotional and heartwarming the author made her story, and I loved every second of it.
Gosh.. Fox was the best character I've ever read in my entire life! He's not only caring, but his overall personality was determined to heal his family and his life. Even though he goes through so many emotions throughout Night Fox, it never truly brings him down. His love for Avery and Annabelle is absolutely beautiful.
Avery is so strong throughout Fox's rehab and emotions. And I love the fierceness that Tia created in her character. As for Annabelle... She's a complete sweetheart, I love how adorably cute she is.

Night Fox is thrilling, beautiful, heartbreaking and throughly lovable. I've honestly cried so many times while reading this novel. It shows the importance of not just family, but the connection you have with your other loved ones, and the bonds you all share together. Fox, Avery, and Annabelle's character's personalities have so many traits that I want to have in my future.

I hope you all enjoyed by review of Night Fox. Have you read Hey Sunshine or Night Fox? 
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P.S Thank you Tia for writing such an inspiring novel! Without Fox.... I don't know what I would do!

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