Friday, December 4, 2015

Review of Unfinished Ink by Joanne Marlowe

Hello Book Lovers! How are you doing this fine evening? I have a poetry book to tell you about that I'm absolutely in love with! It's called Unfinished Ink by Joanne Marlowe!

Unfinished Ink is basically a collection of Joanne Marlowe's poetry that features subjects containing love, loneliness, lust, liquor, and letting go. Her talent for words blows my mind. As I was reading her collection I just found myself wanting more. But also relating to it at the same time. Unfinished Ink shows that our world and lives are far from perfect. But if we're willing to love and let go we can continue to live are lives.
Unfinished Ink is quite a small poetry novel. You can read it in a short amount of time, although I constantly slowed myself down and took my time reading Joanne's poetry because I found it so addicting but also very relatable.
Her poetry seems to cover every possible emotion that I've ever felt, but more. And I feel that it's so extremely important that you feel what your reading. Joanne executed her stories so beautifully, she made you step back and fully soak in their meanings. I found that her poetry was so simple but yet so intricate. I understood all of her stories so well that it was truly breath taking! The pieces in Unfinished Ink like "She Devil, Again, Linking Pinkies, and Delicious all were eye opening and will forever be my favorite pieces of poetry. 
Unfinished Ink delivers so many amazing memories and feelings to me that it will continue to always hold a special place in my heart! I've already read it 10 or more times! And I will continue to read it over and over! I 10 out of 10 recommend Unfinished Ink to everyone! I'm not much of a poetry person. But Unfinished Ink really really made me take a liking to it! 
Thank you Joanne for writing such amazing and inspiring, yet tearjerking and heart wrenching poetry! 

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Also stay tuned for my upcoming Interview with Joanne! We'll be talking about poetry, love, inspiration,tattoos... and much much more! 

Thanks again Joanne! Without your poetry I don't know if I'd be able to cope with life at times! 

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