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Review of Oblivion by Jennifer L Armentrout

Hello Book Lovers! How are you? I'm doing fantastic since I just finished Oblivion by Jennifer L Armentrout!
Oh my lord was this book amazing! I've always wanted to have a book from Daemons perspective low and behold here it is! So happy that there's still much more to The Lux series than I thought! Whew! I honestly never ever want it to end! So here's my review of Oblivion!

Daemon focuses his life on taking care of his sister Dee. Living in a small town, Daemon's life is surrounded and determined to keep his family's secret. But it soon washes away when neighbors move in next door to Daemon and Dee.

All he wants is for his neighbors to move back where they came from. They don't need anymore distractions.His was hoping for their neighbors to be a retired couple. But since their new neighbors are a mother and daughter it does't pan out the way he had expected.
Especially since it's a girl who's around his and Dee's age. He already knows that theres no stopping Dee in her tracks when it comes to hanging out with the new girl. Also he likes to convince himself that his new girl neighbor is totally average in all of the obvious ways. But we all know that this isn't true.

Being trapped between making his sister happy or keeping his life as well as his sisters life safe. He ends up opting for the latter. Which in the end it causes him to act like a total dick to their new neighbor. Bing a total jerk to Katy (even though he doesn't want to admit that he doesn't want to) he continues to do so.. thinking that it'll save what's left of his family. But all goes wrong, since that just urges Katy to want to spend more time with Daemon's sister Dee. Which causes the problems that Daemon has been trying to avoid this entire time.
He wants nothing to do with humans. Ever since his bother Dawnson and his human girlfriend Bethany went missing and were found dead. It ended up traumatizing Daemon and Dee. But more on Daemon's part. He feels extremely responsible when it comes to looking out for is younger sister.

It all ends up getting beautifully ruined by the amazing and not so average Katy. Or what he likes to call her "kitten". Daemon just loves it when he agitates her and her claws come out all mighty. Just like a kitten!
Soon realizing that Katy isn't just a weak human girl. He ends up falling for her hard.. and just when he thought things were bad, they get worse.
Going against the Elders rules he ends up caving in and telling Katy who, and the rest of his people actually are.
Surprised that she actually accepted them, and him. Daemon slowly starts to gain and respect Kat for who she truly is.
But it's never that easy... Not when there's Arum (evil aliens ) who are out to kill his family. Also the Elders could outcast him from his family since he exposed himself to Kat. But she's worth it, and he's always up for a challenge. He never loses anyways.

I had always wanted to see the perspective of Daemon's in The Lux series. I expected to get a short story of Daemons perspective later on down the road. But I never expected to get a full novel covering and mirroring the first book in The Lux series called Obsidian.
Oblivion was beautifully written. Jennifer L Armentrout is an amazing writer and she tackled rewriting something so complicated.
I originally thought that the perspective of Katy was ultimately great! But now that I've experienced reading from Daemon's thoughts, I have to say that he's my favorite character out of the entire series. The romance between Kat and Daemon was so addicting. He's completely obsessed with her. I also love Katy's character! She really is a kitten with claws and no scratch. I also love that she is addicted to books and has her own blog called Katy's Krazy Book Obsession! How cool is that right?
Anyways I hope that Jennifer L Armentrout writes the whole series but form Daemons perspective! I would be in heaven if that happened!

I so hope that Jennifer will write the whole series from Daemons perspective!
You can view my review also on Goodreads here.

Thank you all for reading my review! It means the world to me! Have any of you read The Lux series? If  not have you read anything by Jennifer L Armentrout?
Best wishes and much love,
Jade Crow

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