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Review of Shrilugh by Myndi Shafer

Hello book lovers! How are you all this cold December month? What are you reading for the end of the year? I just finished my review of Shrilugh by Myndi Shafer! And I overall throughly enjoyed it! I found myself actually having to spread the novel out, so that it didn't end sooner. It was short enough to read it in a day and also not having an overbearing feeling to it! Here is my review. I hope you like it!

4/5 Stars

Brig Cooper lives his young twenty-one year old life working for the Fulbert's. Brig enjoys working on the farm. But the one things he enjoys much more than working on the farm is hanging out with his best friend Aydan Fulbert. Brig has all of his goals set out and ready for him, but he can't seem to continue them without Aydan.

Aydan can't wait to get out of her hell hole that she's currently living in. Being able to graduate has  been a complete relief for Aydan. All she has to do is hold out for a couple more months, then she is finally free. For most of her life all she could think about was Brig, she immediately dropped her fantasy of being with Brig after coming to terms with herself that Brig was more of a bother than anything else. But when she finally realizes that there's more to hers and Brig's relationship, everything stops her in her tracks.
Everything seems to be falling perfectly in place. All when it comes to both Brig and Aydan's attention that it's not going to be as easy as they thought it would.
Aydan's father is completely against her dating anyone, especially when she's still under his roof. So knowing that her father will try in every way to separate her and Brig.
Brig and her both end up deciding on keeping their relationship a secret.
But we all know secrets don't last.

The writing style this book, has a very fluid motion about it that just keeps you wanting to read until the very end. I found that the perspective changes between Brig and Aydan were done extremely well. Both characters perspectives were evenly done throughout the novel. I ended up reading quickly though this, and finished it within a day. What I found I didn't entirely enjoy, was that I felt that the ending was a tad bit abrupt when it came to a conclusion.It felt as though someone ripped out all of the last pages in the book, and the  words were there was the conclusion. Another thing I found around the end of the novel, was that it was hard to discern the "fantasy" aspect of the novel. There wasn't enough information about what was going on with Aydan and knowing what she was. Which made it confusing and interesting at the same time. And I feel that if the novel would've just held out a little longer it would've made more sense.

Both Brig and Aydan as characters in the novel are great! I absolutely love the relationship between Brig and Aydan. And I'm also super addicted to how mysterious Aydan is. I mean we know how she acts and the way she is.. but we don't know what she quite is. Also the tension between Aydan's dad, Brig, Shannon, and Aydan herself can be super overwhelming, but in a great way because of that fact that we don't know what lengths Aydan's dad will take to crush Aydan and everyone she knows around her. From the tension happening with the characters it gives the novel a huge thriller aspect!

Other than that I really  love the Shrilugh Saga. I think that it's unique, in a way of drawing you into a normal life that has it's limits, to a life that's full of dares and maybe a hint of magic. When reading Shrilugh I had to spread it out for the entire day because of how fast paced and addicting it was.
Super happy to have ran into another amazing author, and to get the chance to see what happens next.

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I hope you all liked the review! Tell me if you've read this book or are interested in reading it! I'll be reading The Darkening (second book in the Shrilugh Saga) next month! So stay tuned for that!

Best wishes and happy holidays book loves,
Love Jade Crow

P.S Thank you so much Myndi for creating such a captivating novel! It's truly addicting!!

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