Friday, December 25, 2015

Review of Instructions for the End of the World by Jamie Kain

Hello book lovers! How are you this fine day? Today is Christmas!! So Happy Holidays to you all!!! I've been working non-stop for the past month and I thought today was the best day to finally write my review! I enjoyed Instructions for the End of the World quite a lot! What have you been reading for your holiday break? Here is my review!

Since she was old enough to walk her dad immediately gave her a gun and taught her how to survive. He's always been the strong protective type. Basically raised in the military Nichole Reed's dad has a different frame of mind than most people. Maybe slightly paranoid.. or more so.
 Being a survivalist Nichole's dad takes the entire family to the Sierra Foothills, where there are no modern conveniences  of any sort. Not liking where this is going, Nichole goes long with it helping her dad hunt for food,repair the 200 year old house,and unpack. Whereas Nichole's mom and sister despise their living situation and they think that their dad is going overboard with everything.

Nichole's life is falling apart and right when she thought things were cooling down, they start to escalate quicker than she thought. When her mom leaves the family, Nichole's dad goes in search for her mom. Leaving both Nichole and her little sister Isabel to fend for themselves, with no cell service,little money,no car. All they have is each other, food, minimal appliances, and the retreat center down the road from where they live.

All until Wolf comes along, a handsome boy from the "hippie retreat center" offers to help Nichole.
Feeling conflicted Nichole knows she can take care of herself, but theres something that she can't shake when it comes to Wolf.
As days and weeks pass, Nichole and Izzy get to know the kids from the retreat center. As for Wolf and Nichole, they start to become closer to one another. But everything stops her in her tracks when she realizes that her dad can come back any day,and would never ever approve of her dating or being with any boy.
Having all of these questions pulsing through her brain about "why her mom left"? "What's going on with her and dad"? Why was it so sudden? She soon learns very shocking things from a letter her mom sent and Izzy's confession.
Knowing she has to make a decision. Her family is falling apart, but her life with Wolf seems to be thriving. Will she choose to continue preparing for tomorrow's natural disaster? Just like her dad taught her? Or will she take the chance and start living for today?

The entire story of Instructions for the End of the World was quite unique. I went into this novel not expecting much at all! It was thought out well, and the characters were well diverse too!
I love how strong the main female character was. And how you could see her develop throughout the story.
Wolf's perspective in the novel felt pure. I instantly loved his character and how he appreciated everything and took nothing for granted, even though he wasn't raised in the healthiest of situations. When he meets Nichole for the first time, you really feel like he's truly falling in love with someone for the first time because of how descriptive the author is. His loving character was heartwarming to read about. It was mostly Nichole and Wolf who alternated perspectives, Isabel (Nichole's sister)and Laurel (Wolf's best friend) were kind of background characters and fillers. It was interesting reading about their side of the story and thoughts. But to be honest all I cared about the most was Nichole's and Wolf's perspectives. And it seemed like Isabel and Laurel's perspectives were not necessary.
 The way the story was, it actually felt like you were in the world that Nichole lives in. I also loved how the author made her story feel like a real life story.
One thing that I didn't enjoy in this book was that it felt as though you were thrown into the story. I had a problem at the beginning of them novel of actually getting into the story. Also when there were perspective changes in the novel it felt like the author was also changing her style of writing to suit the character better. Maybe she had done it one purpose? But from that I found myself getting stuck at certain points of the novel.
Those were the only issues I had with the story.
I overall liked the idea of it. The story really showed you how quick everything could change not just with your family, but in your life as well. For better or for worse. And it really got me thinking how precious life is. And how we should just take it day by day.

I hope you liked it! Also you can view my review on Goodreads and Amazon! 
Merry Christmas and much love,
Jade Crow 

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