Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Review of Oppression by Jessica Therrien

Hey Bookaholics!
How've you all been? Doing a lot of holiday shopping? I hope your buying a lot of books for yourself.. And maybe a couple for your friends.

Anyways I just finished the amazing Greek God inspired novel by Jessica Therrien called Oppression (first book in the children of the gods series) And man was it good! Have you read it before? Here is my full review of it!

Elyse has known for 80 years that she isn't normal and never will be. Ever since she was 50 she knew that something was wrong. She never got to go into further detail with her parents, since they got in a car accident. Never knowing what "disorder" she believes she has. Elyse lives in a secluded world with her loving adopted family. . Knowing that she will become a science project if anyone knows about her "disorder". She stays out of the open for decades. Aging 5 times slower than the average human.
Once she looks younger than her family and her friends, everything starts to fall into place, fake name, fake identity, and a knew apartment in a new area.
She thinks she has it all figured out. All until she goes downstairs to the cafe and meets the boy that will forever change her life. She meets William. And he is the same as her.

Elyse always has thought that she was the only one that aged slower than the average human. Always thought that something was wrong with her. But when she meets the amazing William. He shows her a world she's never seen or known of. He shows her the world of The Descendants.

A world full of descendants from the Greek Gods. Something that Elyse thought was just a fairy tale, actually is true. And now  she's apart of it.. she soon realizes that she is the center of what The Descendants have been revolving around for years and years.
It can be extremely hard to adjust to the life of the descendant. Especially knowing that The Council is out to kill her. That obviously doesn't make things easier!!

The chemistry that Elyse has when she's around William is truly unbearable. And William has felt the same way, ever since he was a kid and saves her in the car accident. Obviously Elyse doesn't remember that part. Or him. But he's always remembered her. And he will always continue to love and remember her.
Elyse has never been in a  relationship before. She's never has the desire to get involved with a man and have him age and her not. But the chemistry between William and her isn't normal. She feels like theres more to it.. but she's not quite sure what it is.
But maybe William does..

Wow!! This book was so great! I honestly didn't think that I would be the person to like this book but I really did! It's like a combination between the Percy Jackson series but with a spin and a much older vibe to it.
The whole concept of aging 5 times slower than the average human was quite an awesome embellishment to Oppression!
I felt that the story was quite similar to The Descendants series by Melissa Wright. As in both authors used the names "Descendants" and "The Council". I thought that that was pretty great because even though they used the same groups. They were completely different stories.

William and Elyse's relationship is so so so so so so amazing! I felt that the development and pace of it was overall beautiful! Gosh and the bon between them is awesome!! Like I'm super scared and excited to see what will actually unfold in the next book!

Jessica Therrien did a wonderful job creating a world that focuses on the past but also the present. She makes you deliciously wait for the future to unfold.

Also just to mention I am apart of the R&R challenge that Jessica Therrien created herself! 
So I chose this novel to review for the month of November! And I did. But I only did a brief review of it. And since it was such a fantastic novel, it was killing me not to talk more about it. So I edited my review. 
I also posted my review up on Goodreads.

Thank you all so much! There will be more reviews to come! 
Best wishes and much love,
Jade Crow

P.S  I hope your getting a wonderful start to your holidays! 

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