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Review of Uncovering Love by Kacey Shea

Hello all! I hope everything is going well in your life right now! What have you all been up to recently? What are you currently reading?

Anyways today I'm going to be talking about Uncovering Love by Kacey Shea. It's the first novel in her trilogy, and honestly it's the best first novel I've ever read in a trilogy!


Evelyn Harper lived the perfect life.

Until she was fired from her job.
After a ridiculous idea devised among friends comes to existence, Evelyn finds herself part owner in a private investigation firm specializing in matters of the heart. Throughout wild antics with her best friends Jonathan and Kate, Evelyn conducts relationship background checks for a wide variety of clients.

Soon it becomes clear that one case has moved beyond professional and Evelyn finds herself fighting an attraction she cannot resist. Will Evelyn admit her feelings when she uncovers love in the most unexpected of places?

Review of Uncovering Love

Let's just start with saying I LOVED THIS BOOK! The way that Uncovering Love was created, makes you get out of any funk you have. As for me, I has a reading slump, so out of the blue I decided to read Uncovering Love, and it was the best decision I've ever made in quite some time! I ended up reading it within a night! 

The characters are all so fantastic! The main character Evie is extremely relatable and yet unique! I love how strong her character is! Her sassy attitude kept me going throughout the novel. 
I really enjoyed reading Evie's relationship between both her friends Kate and Jon.
Even though they're opposite genders, both Jon and Evie make it work when living together and working as private detectives.
Evie's relationship with Kate is so sweet! Their friendship has been through the thick and thin and when working together, they are so strong! Another thing I'd like to point out is the humor. It wasn't too much, but it was just enough to keep you going and wanting more!

Kacey Shea, author of Uncovering Love did a fantastic job going in a full 360 when writing her novel. All of the characters emotions and actions fit together with the plot, like a puzzle piece. I found that the story she created, is so relatable in the real world. But while reading Uncovering Love I felt like I was thrown into a new world full of emotion,strength, romance, and so much more. The characters put quite an impression on me. So now with my free time I find myself thinking about them.

The story and plot that Kacey created is absolutely exquisite! You can clearly tell that she put a lot of time and effort into her novel. The story is super diverse, and I feel like the subject matter isn't written a lot about, especially in a romance novel.

Evie and Tait just have this swoon worthy chemistry that makes you drool. Their actions and emotions flow over each other so beautifully. I really liked how Tait wasn't your average cliché, brooding, egotistical man. His sweetness and caring for others really showed in the novel, and I thought that it was a really great edition in Uncovering Love.

Uncovering Love  really hit it off for me! It's so far the best first novel in all of the trilogies I've read. Written in a way that makes you wanting more, and throws you into the sequel! 

Also I want to point out that these novels can be read as a whole, or a standalone.

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  1. i want to read more books like this! i love a good friendship in books, but they're hard to find! definitely gonna check this book out soon, great review! :D