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Book Review of Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

3/5 stars
A lot of you are probably going to hate me for this but I didn't like Glass Sword as much as I thought I would. I don't dislike it and I don't absolutely love it. When I first read Red Queen I really enjoyed it. The ending of it threw me into wanting more of the story. And now that I have the second installment, I'm somewhat disappointed.

For the longest time, I felt that getting into Glass Sword was hard. For me, it took a very long time to get into the story. And when I wanted action, it wasn't there. Then when I got action, it felt sporadic, like it wasn't dispersed right.

Don't get me wrong, the entirety of both Red Queen and Glass Sword's story is awesome! I love the fact that there's a diverseness between Red Bloods and Silver Bloods. The political problems that the main protagonist "Mare"faces is addicting. I love the tension between all of the characters! I like how the world building is somewhat subtle, but just enough to make you crave a little more.

I loved Mare in Red Queen! What she does and goes through is intense. And she goes through even more in Glass Sword. But I felt like her actions became repetitive at times. It seemed like every couple of chapters, the main character was doing the same thing over and over again. And after awhile it kind of got tiring.

Mare Barrow it a very strong female character. That strength carried on into Glass Sword, but since Mare was going through so much, she ended up loosing a lot of her strength and bravery.
I was really sad about this because as a female, I looked up to the strong character that Mare was. I waited a year or so for the sequel to Glass Sword, anticipating what would happen next. And from Mare being so lost, it was disappointing. Just reading about her being depressed made me depressed.

But just like humans, characters can go through many emotions as well. Which I understand. But I just had all of these expectations in my head about not only Mare, but the other characters, and the story itself. It ended up being a let down.

 Another thing I'd like to talk about, is how aggravating all of the other characters were treating Mare.

Kilorn, Farley, Cal, Shade,and so on all treated Mare like crap. It made me mad, because even through Mare was obsessed with basically trying to help everyone in the world, in the end all of her friends and family turned their backs on her throughout the entirety of Glass Sword. They basically gave up on her. For the most part, everything that Mare was doing, was for the greater good for her country. I'm not sure why this bothered me so much, but it did. Maybe it was because this issue with Mare and her friends was really unfair?

The relationship between Mare, Cal, Maven, and even Kilorn, put me through so many emotions!
If you've read Red Queen, then you'll know that Mare will always have problems with Maven. He's just pure evil. #TeamMaven!!
 But Mare and Cal... I so wanted to see more of a connection between the two in Glass Sword. (I'm a hopeless romantic) Since there was so much going on, their relationship didn't thrive like I wanted it to. And again I'm sure that was disappointing for everyone.
Plus Kilorn's and Mare's relationship just reminded me too much of The Hunger games series with Katniss and Gale. I felt like it was a little nice embellishment in Glass Sword. But it really wasn't a necessity.

Anyways those were just my thoughts on Glass Sword. I found this novel, shocking,amazing,intense, and displeasing at times. It's a love hate relationship for me. But from the well executed, killer cliffhanger. I'm most definitely going to have to pick up the third novel in the Red Queen series.



So I also have some spoilers I'd like to talk about so, if you haven't read Glass Sword yet or if your currently reading it. Please skip this part until you've finished it! Then come back to talk about the spoilers with me!                





So I want to start off by talking about the tension in Glass Sword and in Red Queen.
In Red Queen, once Mare is considered somewhat special since she's the lightning girl. She soon gets married off to Maven. (Honestly I wish she could've gotten married off to Cal) Both Mare and Maven start to draw closer together as a couple. And rather quickly Mare starts to fall in love with her fiancé.
But, horrible things happen.. and in the end Maven is one of the most dreadful and evil people ever!
From this, Mare cannot fathom how much she trusted Maven and how in the end he ended up betraying her. So it carried on into book two, and throughout the entire novel she basically didn't trust anyone. (even her family)

In book two, Mare and Cal travel with the Red Guard to a safe haven far away from Maven. (wow that rhymed)! Since Red Bloods and Sliver Bloods don't get along, Cal ends up getting thrown into confinement/prison.
During this time, Kilorn is trying to earn Mare's trust back, since Mare does't trust a soul. And since he'll do about anything to gain her trust back, he ends up caving in on Mare's crazy idea to break Cal out and escape from the Red Guard. During the time Mare and Kilorn are attempting to get Cal out of prison. The head leader of the Red Guard finds out about the escape and catches both Mare and Kilorn. And what does Kilorn do????  He shoves Mare in the cell with Cal and slams the door in her face. Mare completely enraged tries to use her power, but she can't because the cell she's in eliminates her powers. Looking through the cell window, Mare sees Kilorn mouth "I'm so sorry".

For days and days Mare is completely outraged about the entire escapade. Seething about how Kilorn, her best friend betrayed her. And it isn't easier when someone just was cranky as her, complains about everything. Soon after that, both Cal and Mare come to terms with themselves and realize that they aren't getting out anytime soon.

When the leader comes in the cell to talk (most likely kill) to Mare and Cal, Kilorn is with him. Mare notices that Kilorn is extremely jittery, but then all of a sudden Kilorn goes against the rules and stabs the leader with a syringe, with medication that will make him sleep for a bit. Frantic, Kilorn tells both Mare and Cal that they need to go. But Mare isn't ready to go quite yet, when all of a sudden...


  Mare punches Kilorn hard and square in the jaw!!!!!

When I read that sentence in Glass Sword, I was so extremely happy and I laughed so hard!!!! I felt that Kilorn deserved to be punched because for days on end he made Mare believe that he betrayed her!

Way further into the book, Mare also kills Queen Elara. I was pretty happy about this incident too, because Queen Elara was not only one of my least favorite characters. But she did the most horrible and unimaginable things to people. She loved loved loved to torture people. And since Queen Elara was Maven's mom. That was an extra bonus for Mare when she ended up killing her. I honestly didn't like the hateful attitude that Mare had when she came to terms with herself that she actually did kill Queen Elara. I was kinda sickened because Mare felt powerful when she knew that she killed her. And at that moment Mare seemed like she as turning into Maven. That part was a little scary! Because Mare is supposed to be good!

I cannot believe that Mare's brother Shade dies at the same event, that Mare killed Queen Elara. Shade wasn't only Mare's bother, but he was her favorite bother, the one that understood her the most and never judged. Plus he was a boyfriend to Farley, and maybe even a father..

Around the end of the novel during Shade's funeral, Farley was holding her stomach a lot, and she decided not to go on Mare's dangerous mission. I'm getting the vibe that she might be pregnant. Plus there's a big chance since both Shade and Farley were already being intimate.

Anyhoo, I honestly don't want to talk about the ending of the novel because that will give the biggest spoiler away to all of you! Even if you already have finished Glass Sword, I just don't want a reader who hasn't read it yet to accidentally scroll all the way down and see the biggest spoiler in the universe.

But what I can say is... Wasn't that just an amazing and horrible ending?? It makes you wanting more doesn't it??? Gosh I honestly can't believe that Mare is back to square one.. or is she??

Thank you all for reading my review and being so supportive! What did you think about Glass Sword? If you've read both of them, then which book do you like more?
Until next time book lovers,
Best wishes and much love,
Jade Crow

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