Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Wrap-Up

So throughout September some tragic things happened in my life but I still got the chance to read and I'm quite happy with the turn out. So I'll tell you about the books in order from the beginning of the month to end.
 I first read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and I thought that it was quite good! I feel like it's a mash  up of several different series like The Hunger Games series,  The Night Angel, and maybe a little of The Mortal Instruments series with a little spin on it. I really enjoyed how suspenseful the Red Queen was and I'm excited about the second book in the series Glass Sword to come out next year!!

The next book I read this month was Scorched by Jennifer. L Armentrout. I really liked how different it was from her other series I've read. I loved how normal it was, rather than having characters with supernatural powers. I obviously loved the male character named Tanner, in Scorched because... well because I love all of the male characters Jennifer writes in her books. 
I mean... Who doesn't?

My third book in my Wrap-Up is Goddess Of Legend by P.C. Cast.
I believe I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads just because I felt like there wasn't enough suspense or action to keep me glued to it. I liked the whole premise of it though, thought it was really creative. I also really enjoyed how there was a happy ending.. When it comes to romance novels who doesn't like a happy ending?

I was so fortunate to get a gift ebook by the lovely Peyton Taylor author of Wanderlust. I loved this book a lot!! I found it to be a very quick read and how descriptive the author is glues me to the page!!  I feel like I need to travel to Europe and visit all the places the main character Elizabeth visited! I totally recommend this book if your looking for an adventurous, romantic novel.

The last book I've read this month and currently reading, trying to finish it up but at the same time I'm purposefully making it last longer because it's so good!! Is Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things by Martina Mcatee. Big shout out to Martina for being so gracious and sending me a beautiful copy of her book! I cannot get enough of this book, it's too good!! Nothing like anything I've ever read before. I love the whole premise of it, I find it super addicting!! I'll have my review of it up shortly!!
 I hope you all enjoy my first Wrap-Up, there's many more to come! Also I thought that all of these covers were quite beautiful!! Which one is your favorite?
Best Wishes Book Lovers!!


  1. My favorites red queen...I love how simple but symbolic it is <3

    1. Awesome! I love the Red Queen cover too! the cover designer has some talent!!