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Review of Beyond The Shadows by Brent Weeks

Welcome Book Lovers! I hope all is well, and that summer is treating you all dandy!
Do any of you have summer plans or planned summer reads? I have a couple of each this summer, and I'm feeling quite adventurous, now that I've finished the third and final novel in the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks

I want to start off by saying Beyond The Shadows was an outstanding conclusion to a high fantasy trilogy. It was outstanding, and although it wasn't my favorite of all time, I still really loved watching the subplots tie together and finish out.

I started the Night Angel trilogy last summer of 2015, and I think it was one of the greatest reading decisions of my life. Reading books one and two were a fly by, then life got in the way and I spent some time away from the series. As I returned and finished the last book, I found that a great deal had changed in the world of Kylar.

Another thing I want to point out: this trilogy is one of the first adult high fantasy novels I've ever read. It isn't particularly a genre I read and enjoy often, so I don't have any credentials in the area, but it seems that this was an ideal series to go for.

The first two novels in the trilogy really kept you hooked. The Way of Shadows was written in a way that felt like you were thrown into someones life, which was completely enthralling. You get the opportunity to view several perspectives, but mainly Durzo's and Azoth's. Because Durzo and Azoth are so much alike, they create a very concrete foundation for second and third book, although they don't know  quite how similar they are. To see through the eyes of an experienced, older wetboy, as well as a amateur apprentice bring a typical but not necessarily overdone style to the books.

Then in Shadow's Edge we follow the perspective of Azoth, or Kylar. (The name he goes by in his late teens to early twenties). I enjoyed Shadow's Edge as much as I enjoyed The Way Of Shadows, and in it, we see Kylar's character develop in the most intriguing of ways.We also see him go through the twists and turns becoming a man, and having family responsibilities with his girlfriend Elene. However, this aspect actually bothered me the most throughout the second novel. Kylar and Elene are in an intimate relationship, but their differences in beliefs are apparent, and Kylar's character becomes annoyingly whiney as his relationship is falling apart. Now I enjoy burning romance as much as anyone, but Weeks seems to add too much for my taste.

I have to say that's the only thing that completely irked me from the second book. I mean there were a few minor things that also bothered me, but nothing that I would necessarily complain about.
All in all, book two in the Night Angel trilogy was quite enjoyable.

Now book three in the Night Angel Trilogy literally blew my mind away, it wasn't at all what I expected. It wasn't horrible and it wasn't at all what I expected the ending of an epic high fantasy novel to be. From how the first two novels in the series were, I figured that the finale would be somewhat similar. So we start off with Azoth learning to be a wet boy at a young age in book 1. In book two, we see Azoth who is now Kylar, figure out who he really is, and fight with his inner demons. But in book three, he basically conquers the entire world, and does the impossible, which is great right? Except that I've seen that so often, and it feels like Kylar wasn't really meant to be a leader or in a position of power. It seemed that his character was really unbalanced and indecisive. Kylar didn't know right from wrong, and as he took control of so much, knowing that he wouldn't really be an ideal person to do so made reading it became unnerving and tiring. It almost seems like since this was a high fantasy series, Weeks felt called upon to make sure the main character was the great victor, but Kylar still has so far to go when the story ends.

But that's just my personal opinion of "Beyond The Shadows", in the "Night Angel Trilogy".
I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy, and getting the opportunity to watch the characters within the story grow.

I can say that I am extremely excited to delve into Brent Week's other new series, called "The Lightbringer series". If you've read his "Night Angel Trilogy" or his "Lightbringer series" then please comment below, telling me what you thought of his novels!

Thank you so much for reading my review and overview of the "Night Angel Trilogy", I hoped you liked it and until next time,

Love Jade

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