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Crystal Crowned Review and Interview with Elise Kova (Author of the AA series)

Hello book lovers! And welcome members of Elise's Tower Guard!

I'm super excited about talking with you all about Crystal Crowned! I can't believe that it's the fifth and final novel in the Air Awakens series. I have to say that the Air Awakens series my favorite series of all time, and it's not just because I can easily relate to the characters in the AA series, it's also about the special qualities that the series possesses.

I love the way she creates a character to be more than just a person, a symbol almost. Throughout the Air Awakens series, the characters grew on me in a way that's never happened before. It honestly felt that they were all close friends and family, and that aspect itself is enough for me to be content with any novel. But there's just something special about the way that each character develops through the journey.

Our main character Vhalla Yarl starts off as a librarian for the Solaris Empire in book one, and in book five, she is a fighter for her kingdoms existence, with her soon to be husband by her side. Out of all of the characters, I have to say that I admire Vhalla the most, because I'm so extremely inspired by her determination and strength throughout the novel. (I mean this woman cannot stop going!!!) Even when she experiences some major turmoils throughout the story, she somehow still kept going, defying death. Yet she's also one of the most caring characters in the story as well, caring for others before herself.

The other main character I'd like to talk about is Aldrik, mainly because you can't talk about Vhalla without Aldrik, and visa versa. I may have said in my other review that "Vhalla is my favorite character in the AA series". And with several qualities she still holds that position. But I have to say that Aldrik is the most intriguing, as his mysteriousness is enthralling. You can hear his wisdom in the way he speaks; well thought-out but also genuine. I've always loved genuine and honest characters, and I feel that Aldrik meets up to those qualities. Now Aldrik isn't a complete sweetheart, he's done some things against that honesty. But he is caring, and by knowing that, it's evident  that he does care for his kingdom and his people. We can also see that his thoughtfulness and power over his kingdom is more prominent in Crystal Crowned.

Now the plot of Crystal Crowned was staggering, and mindblowing. I honestly don't know how Elise does it! I just love the way her style fits the story. Elise Kova's world building is phenomenal, dynamic, but simple enough to understand. I've never once gotten confused when reading her novels, because the acts fit together with a certain seamlessness.  Each and every book in her AA series has it's events and characters in order, so as to be epic and entertaining, while retaining a feeling of understanding. Even though there are five novels in the series, all of them flow so nicely together, it feels like they are all one novel.

All of the side characters are brilliant, and extremely well built. Baldair, Daniel, Fritz, Jax, they all have a special place in my heart. To me, they do not feel like "side characters" they are more than that. I really hope that there will be some novellas of certain side characters, hint hint... all of them please?!!

I love all of the influences that Elise has intertwined within her story. With all of the magical elements that sorcerers have, it reminds me a lot of Avatar the last Airbender, but better. I have total enjoyment of the AA series, because it feels at times like there's an anime influence/writing style to it. The Grisha Trilogy also reminds me of the Air Awakens series. But, I honestly cannot compare the AA series, because, I mean, why would I want to? Nothing compares.

I couldn't and still cannot believe that Crystal Crowned is the final book! It's so exciting for the new stories and novels that Elise is writing, but it's also bittersweet knowing that I won't be able to continue this journey. That certainly doesn't mean that I won't revisit! thanks again for reading!

Interview with Elise Kova


*Favorite memory with Laurel; and Vhalla?

Oh, Larel, she was the best, simply the best. Did you ever have a chance to meet her? Because she, she was something else. Let me tell you... this one time after I joined the Tower I completely froze over my room. I was SO EMBARRASSED! I didn't want to ask anyone for help. But Larel was there, with her beautiful, and a little eerie, ability to know when one of her friends was in trouble. She helped me melt through the ice... Though everything was sopping wet for almost a week after! 

For Vhal... Easily when she made her appointments following the Great Crystal War. I never expected her to have so much faith in me! And she didn't even warn me of her plans! She's lucky that I'm such a good friend... At least, that's what Elecia tells me to say!


What’s one quality about Aldrik and breaks you and makes you all at once?

He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders with poise, grace, and silent dignity. It's hard to see someone you care about taking on that burden and feeling like they have no one to help carry it. But, it's admirable too. It's something I hope more people have begun to witness in the aftermath.

*You have a favorite lemon dessert you like to eat on occasion, do you like it because of the flavor? Or the certain memory it holds?
I was always fond of lemon cakes. Though, there is no better seasoning than nostalgia I'm beginning to find. I can't get enough of them, lately!

 How does it feel to have the title and responsibility of a Windwalker?
I think my biggest responsibility lies now in education about Windwalkers and their history. As more Windwalkers come forward I want to make sure they're welcomed both by Sorcerer and Commons society.


* In my perspective I think that you and Vhalla were destined to be, no matter the circumstances. But if Vhalla wasn’t a Windwalker, how do you think that you two would’ve ended up together? 
I do not know if I share your certainty on the matter. I certainly did not make it a habit to fraternize with common folk. However, to indulge your hypothetical on the matter... I had previously met a young woman in the library, so it's not impossible to say that could happen again.

*What’s your favorite memory with Baldair?
There's a summer palace the old kings of Lyndum built down in Oparium. On occasion, we would travel there for hunting and fishing. One such summer, Baldair and I crept off after dark to the docks and disguised ourselves in common clothing to go to the parlors. Though, I distinctly remember having to try to keep my idiot brother from getting into a brawl before the night was over...

I hope that you enjoyed my review of Crystal Crowned, and interview with Major Elise Kova herself!
This series is so amazing and special to me, so I hope that you pick up the first series in the Air Awakens series and go on a beautiful and action packed travel with Vhalla Yarl. You won't be disappointed.

 To learn more about Elise Kova and her Air Awakens series, please click here!

If your finishing up the series, here's the link to buy Crystal Crowned.

If your new to the Air Awakens series, then here's the link to buy Air Awakens.

Note to Elise Kova:

Your series is magnificent and mind-blowing. I'm so happy to have met you and be apart of your Tower Guard. Thank you smooch for giving the wonderful opportunity to read your entire series. The Air Awakens series has honestly helped me a lot when it comes to personal problems. And I just want to thank you for creating such a lovely story with amazing characters. It's evident to see that you poured your heart and soul into creating and writing such a masterpiece. Congrats Elise on the fifth and final book in the Air Awakens series! (Virtual hugs and lemon cakes)


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