Thursday, September 17, 2015

Holly Black signing Iron Trial for me.

Waiting in line as #23

Talking to Cassandra Clare as she signs Copper Gauntlet

Home after the signing… really tired

Holly Black and Cassandra Clare Q&A.. 
So yesterday I went to the Iron Trail and the Copper Gauntlet book tour at Hicklebee's Bookstore.. I was so utterly amazed to meet and talk to Cassandra Clare and Holly Black! I'm a huge have of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series, I just love the way she writes. Sadly I've only ever read a synopsis here and there of Holly Black's books. Finally I have two books that Holly Black wrote with Cassandra Clare and now I get to read them.

I ended up getting 4 books signed by them and, I'm just swooning over the signatures!! Here are some pictures of the Q&A,signing and, books. Sadly it was super cram-packed inside Hicklebee's so I was in the far back. But I still ended up meeting Cassandra Clare and Holly Black so that just totally made up for all the failures in my day… or my life in general.
If you want to see their signatures I have it posted on my Instagram: Metamorphicbooks

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